Hey, please only post Remote controlled aircraft here

mepaine10 years ago
Have you seen thos comercials for the air hogs thing that goes from the ground - to the air - to the water, etc.? I think that I should try and make a home-made one. + )
i make shooting things (author)  mepaine10 years ago
If you find a small model cheep high speed foam boat u can us that as a building block, I think. It would take a lot of work and money but the results should be sweet keep me posted on the details The properties of making a high speed boat go fast are similar to what a plane need, (im not a 100% on that im pretty sure)
Don H.10 years ago
Here I am!! You can add any Instructable I make to the group. Thanx for the invite!
i make shooting things (author)  Don H.10 years ago
Hope you dont mind if I use a pic of the warp as the group pic, you should add a pic of the warp to ur profile picture thing (mines a squirrel for example)