Hiding ceiling projector

UPDATE! made some progress and have it all set up, its in the finishing touches area now. :)

Items used-

-12 in AC linear actuator
-3 way switch
- 4x draw slides
- ceiling tile
- various sizes of wood for frame for the actuator.


I have an idea for my ceiling mounted projector to hide in the ceiling tile and then lower down when a button is pressed. however I have no idea how to execute it.

in theory I would need a motor to pull up and lower down the tile that the projector is mounted to and then run the cables down the wall to a switch.

but I turn to you instructables to tell me how to make the motor stop when the tile is low enough on the cable and when it rises back into place with the other tiles.

Sort of like an automatic window on a car. with the push of a button it goes into place and when the button is pushed again it rises back.?

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cooy (author) 5 years ago

here is a video of it in action,

not near complete yet but I have the actuator and everything mounted. I just need to make it balanced so that it goes up and down with out getting hungup and wobbling.

I think I will use 4 draw slides on all the corners so that it has to track in one direction because the actuator spends freely if there is not resistance on it.
cooy (author) 6 years ago
made some progress
Can you tip the tile down at an angle, low enough to get the image on the screen, or will you have to lower it horizontally ?
cooy (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Yes that could work.
Goodhart cooy6 years ago
Doing it with a press of a button isn't too hard. Either a latching relay, or a transistor (the relay would be "cut off"" at the end of the actuator's traveling distance and a transistor could just be turned off by a pulse bias). You could then wire up a second button on the same hand held controller to raise the projector again.
cooy (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Could it be done all by a photocell that is placed inside the projector to lower the projector when it goes on and raise it when it goes off?

I apologize as I am a bit new to the electronics side of things I am more of a wood person.

If I purchase the twelve inch Linear actuator what else would I need besides a pushbutton switch. is it as simple as positive to positive... and it will travel up and down, or will the reversing require more work?
Goodhart cooy6 years ago
You asked:   Could it be done all by a photocell that is placed inside the projector to lower the projector when it goes on and raise it when it goes off?

Answer:  Yes :-)   Light going to the photocell (like a phototransitor or CDS cell for instance) will increase resistance and could be used to bias a transistor as a switch.   Then the light goes out, it could be wired to send the required signal to reverse.   Some circuitry engineering is needed before buying parts I would think.
cooy (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
Any chance your knowledgeable self could help me with that and tell me what to buy. I just finished building the box that the projector will sit in mounted to the tile.
Goodhart cooy6 years ago
I borrowed this picture of a schematic that is "along the lines" of what you are looking to do. This will not do the job however, you will need to adjust it for whatever parameters you happen to be working with (voltages, etc).
cooy (author)  Goodhart6 years ago
just found this and would it work?
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