High-Tech Peashooters with laser beams!

In this peashooter competition in the UK, some entrants have modified their basic tubes with some high-tech parts. This one uses a laser sight and a gyroscope to help aim. All of this is fine with the organizers who have allowed laser sights for a decade.

Even so, the winner this year was someone with a regular peashooter so it still is quite a bit about skill.

Pea shooters fight it out for world championships via BoingBoing

Picture of High-Tech Peashooters with laser beams!
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Sunbanks8 years ago
I saw the name of this and thought "Oh no!" because I thought "Peashooters" said "Preschoolers".
n8man Sunbanks8 years ago
That is scary, but imagine 20 or so 6th graders + 7 7th graders with spears, that was my reality last week...
Sunbanks n8man8 years ago
It sure would be scary. Why were there so many 6th and 7th graders with spears? D:
n8man Sunbanks8 years ago
A merit badge required them to make them. The good thing was that few of them had the skill/patience to actually sharpen them and none of them practiced in the campsite.
Sunbanks n8man8 years ago
Oh well that's good that hardly any of them sharpened theirs.
wenpherd8 years ago
yay i got first view!!!!
Yay i got the 18th view!
Yay nobody cares!!!
Yay O RLY?
Quite Realy
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