High Voltage shenanigans

i thought it was about time to post these videos ive made so i did! my very first forum post!

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Berkin8 years ago
Padlock8 years ago
Is the very first item in the video, dare I ask, flux?
The 4th Doctor (author)  Padlock8 years ago
Actually that was a day old sausage mcmuffin XD
Ewh. I'm sure the smell was pleasant.
The 4th Doctor (author)  Padlock8 years ago
as i said to lemonie, it took a long time and alot of breeze to get the smell off of that desk (and the scorch marks are on it forever XD)
Ooooohh, let's see some pictures of the scorch marks!
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
How do you calculate the amount of joules stored in a capacitor bank?
The 4th Doctor (author)  Sandisk1duo8 years ago
its a pretty simple formula

J=V2/2(F) remember its in farads ex. 100uf would be .0001f
so you just take the rated voltage square it, divide that by two, then multiply by the capacity in farads

but theres also a much much easier way
The 4th Doctor (author)  The 4th Doctor8 years ago
woot i dident expect it to make all of that small like that
So you intended it to look like this? J=V2/2(F)
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