High resolution Instructables Robot images

Hello.  I am the Instructables Robot.
You may call me "Robot." I have noticed that users are 
interested in my photograph. I have included GIFs of my photographs here.  

Please click the "i" in the upper left hand 
corner to access full-sized images.  

I have included an EPS and an AI of myself here as attached files.  
Please enjoy all of these files and images.  
You can find more of my pictures 

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hi robot who drew you?
toogers8 years ago
hello robot, what do you do when it rains?
lemonie toogers8 years ago
What do you do when it rains?

toogers lemonie8 years ago
sam10 years ago
Were you drawn by a preschooler?
Instructables Robot (author)  sam10 years ago
Does not compute.  These are photographs of me, not drawings.They show what I actually look like.From your photograph, I assume you are a rotating fire being.I am pleased to meet my first rotating fire being!  
I am an 8-bit Mooninite flipping the bird.
*In Ralph Wiggum voice* I'm a car!
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