Hilarious: Altered-Perception Sports

I saw this video of a Japanese game show where players try to play a game of soccer with binoculars strapped to their heads:

It made me think: what other kinds of games could you have, where your own perceptions were the challenge? Fisheye lenses over each eye? Periscopes? Let's hear some ideas; maybe we can come up with some cool, brand-new Instructable ideas.

Picture of Hilarious: Altered-Perception Sports
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Brennn1010 years ago
Haha, that is absolutely hilarious!
westfw10 years ago
You can experience a mild version of this if you go snorkeling or scuba diving (and I suppose, even with swim goggles.) The air/glass/water interface acts as a lense, and everything looks about 30% closer than it really is. You can get used to it pretty quickly, I guess, but if you're mainly a spectator while swimming along, you definitely run into "reach for something and find you can't touch it" sort of things.
Goodhart10 years ago
And NOW you all know what it is like to wear really strong Bifocals LOL As long as you could keep your own feet in sight, one could learn to compensate fairly quickly I would think (but that was pretty funny ;-) ).
Patrik10 years ago
There's the classical experiment where volunteers were give goggles which turned ever they saw upside down. After wearing these goggles 24-7 for a while, the brain will rewire so that you can see everything normal again. Then when you take the goggles off', you have to re-train your brain back again!
Bran Patrik10 years ago
Woah, that'd be freaky!
Goodhart Bran10 years ago
Not really as bad as being, say, blind. where one has to use the other senses to compensate.
royalestel10 years ago
Oh, that was really funny. Japanese game shows are so bizarre, naive and funny at the same time. Awesome!
randofo10 years ago
Just cover one eye and try playing tennis.
nagutron (author)  randofo10 years ago
Piratennis! Arrr!
rachel10 years ago
omg that made me laugh so much my stomach hurts