Home Water turbine power plant... Mini HELP!!

Hey all! Just thought I would try and save myself some time, by inquiring with you fine folk first.. I am attempting to build a mini turbine system to generate power from a home standard incoming water supply... The PSI is easily high enough to run a mini power gerenating system without a significan/noticable drop in water pressure of the home.. So anyway, this is the prototype that I just knocked up to give you the jist of it.. Any comments on improving the design would be appreciated.. eg.. flow, restrictions etc. The turbines will drive a belt connected to a dynamo... Thanks for your time.... LftnDbt

Picture of Home Water turbine power plant... Mini HELP!!
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JayH23 years ago

has there been any other progress on this thread in the past couple years?

ztevo8 years ago
I've been pondering this for years, my thought, would 1 inch water pump for a car or maybe the electric water pumps they make for racing motorcycles work and be a good out of the box solution. for the car water pump you would need to connect it to a car alternator with a belt which would be real easy, you could do the project for less then 20 bucks before batteries and an inverter if you went to a junk yard. The electric water pumps for racing motorcycles are expensive but would make electricity if you ran them backwards I think. anyone know how many PSI a car waterpump can handle.
mpervaiz ztevo3 years ago
Good idea of using var wash pump of 300 psi, if a flywheel of 30kg, dia 1 m is rotated with this 300 psi and A alternator is rotated with flywheel,it would help in generating electricity.
lrgnet ztevo8 years ago
I seen this for sale http://www.shopatron.com/product/product_id=HGW10650/208.0 and thought how interesting that is and it doesnt need battery's working off of an internal turbine. That drove my search via google for water turbine and this post was one of the top searches. It would be neat to see an application made for boats that have backup battery powered engines to keep them charged and offset the drain maybe during operation.
Lftndbt (author)  ztevo8 years ago
Car pump could easily hold well over 300PSI. I have one sitting in my garage and was also pondering that idea. It works fine yet the block seal was leaking . I had to buy a new unit to get the seal. The pump I took off would work great yet, they require a fair amount of torque to generate a sifnificant amount of power via an alternator. I still think a 12 inline pond pump is your best option. Simply Plug and Play. Thanks for your comment. It still delights me that people are commenting to this topic still. It is over a year old... May I ask how did you find this topic? Search engine or I'bles search? I would very much like to know whom is referring all these views. Maybe my key words just hit well.. Over 7000 views for a forum topic is massive by any means.
ztevo Lftndbt8 years ago
I was just surfing the instructables when it popped up in the question area, but that was the first comment I ever made on this site, have you connected led lights to you phone line yet. It is a common thought process amongst thinkers, I have thought a bought getting a tread mill for my lab that generates electricity, or making a backpack for the dog that holds batteries and letting her drag a wheel connected to a generator behind her, but the extra weight would equate to needing more dog food so not sure if it would be cost effective, but it would keep her from jumping my 6 fence.
Lftndbt (author)  ztevo8 years ago
The thought of your dog trying to jump the fence whilst hooked to your device is very amusing indeed. ;)
aday2k134 years ago
Thank you so much you cannot believe how stuck I was with a school project and this came up.
paulo345 years ago
Hi all. I've been reading this thread with interest for the last few months as I have just bought a piece of land with a spring on it. The spring pumps out at least 20 litres a minute and I would like to use some of that to generate 12v dc power. I will only be using a laptop and a couple of lights so I dont need much power. I'm not very technically minded so please keep the answers simple but the posts about using a 12v pond pump in reverse seemed like the simplest solution. Can someone please expand on that idea and tell me what I need to do exactly?
WingNutOC6 years ago
Here's what I was thinking. It seems to me that if you power a battery bank off of solar panels, how many 12v batteries would it take to power a pool pump? Now then, how long can the pump run on x number of batteries? So, you have a loop of pipe going in and going out of the pump, with as many water turbines as you want in the line, each turbine generating power. How long will the pump run on say a bank of 6 or 8 batteries, and how much power can be produced in that time? Can you produce enough to offset your power baseline during the night?

The sun, wind, and water have been providing megawatts of power for what.... 6 billion years, and we're just figuring it out. It's like magic.
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