Home made stereo photography

Hello people, maybe you can see my 3d photographies of Patagonia. Unfortunately, the page takes a while to load.  You will be using Google Translator for read it in English.  I you don't understand something, please tell me so I fix it (if I can).

The original page in Spanish is www.rimar2000.com.ar/3D

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Un ambiente natural muy bonito.
rimar2000 (author)  Thinkenstein6 years ago
Gracias Bill, pero ¿pudiste ver el 3D? ¿Pares cruzados o anaglifo?
No logre ver el 3D.

Pues, mas probablemente no entendi el sistema de verlo en 3D. Para mi, todo se quedo fuera de enfoque. Intente de cruzar los hojos, como para otros imagines de 3D, pero yo no tenia exito al instante, y no luche mas.

De la palabra "anaglifo", no lo entendi, y no lo encuentro en mi diccionario ahorra.

Si uso "pares cruzados", o se me paro mirando a la pantalla de un lado? No entiendo "cruzados" ni "anaglifo". Entonces, no entendi el mensage.

No tengo espejuelos multicolor para ver cosas 3-D.
rimar2000 (author)  Thinkenstein6 years ago
Anaglifo = anaglyph:

Definiciones de anaglyph en la web en inglés:

* moving or still pictures in contrasting colors that appear three-dimensional when superimposed
* anything carved in low relief

* A decorative ornament worked in low relief; The three-dimensional effect created by spectacles that have usually one red and one bluish-green lens and a stereoscopically modified film

* Anaglyphic - Anaglyph images are used to provide a stereoscopic 3D effect, when viewed with 2 color glasses (each lens a chromatically opposite color, usually red and cyan). Images are made up of two color layers, superimposed, but offset with respect to each other to produce a depth effect. ...

* A stereo image that requires glasses with red and green (or blue) lenses for 3D viewing. The two stereo images are printed on top of each other, but offset. To the naked eye, the image looks overlapping, doubled and blurry. ...

* A type of two dimensional image that creates the illusion of three dimensions that is produced when two photographs taken of the same scene at slightly different angles, one through a red filter and the other through a blue, green, or cyan filter, are printed together in different solid colors ...

* Wavelength selection using complimentary colored images and color filters to filter or pass the appropriate perspective views to the appropriate eyes.

* anaglyphs - Are pictures or films seen in 3D by means of glasses with coloured lenses. The usual colours are red (left lens) and cyan (blue+green, right lens) but other colour combinations are possible such as Yellow/Blue, Green/Magenta.

Los pares cruzados (Crossed Eyes Stereograms) se miran cruzando los ojos, de manera que el ojo izquierdo vea la imagen de la derecha, y viceversa. Requiere un poquito de práctica al principio, pero para mí es -lejos- la mejor manera de ver 3D.
OK. Lo hize ahora cruzando los ojos. Es como el viejo stereopticon, pero sin el stereopticon. El efecto es interesante. Tiene su lugar.
rimar2000 (author)  Thinkenstein6 years ago
¡¡¡BRAVO!!! Te felicito.

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