Homemade Camo

This forum is all about homemade ghillie suits and some other cool tricks you use for camo.

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PyroTeen2135 years ago
i have started to make a urban(trash can) ghillie suit once i finish i might post it.

You may laugh but when the cops r coming and they dont c me in the trash can you'll wish u were me.
y would da cops b comin after u
i dont kno maby i was framed
or sellig drugs ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (JK)!
ow my bran
adaweg985 years ago
theres no refs in airsoft
Maybe not when you're playing with your friends in your backyard, but there are at real fields.
hungyhipo 25 years ago
my dad has a bunie hat or something that is spelled like that, its camo and has a ring going around it makes good camo
Katarukito5 years ago
Just wear a yellow reflective vest so everyone thinks you're the refs..instant camo .
adaweg985 years ago
or if you really care for you majoir airsoft just do what i did to the head just allaround youre body youre a bush(duct tape or rope dark colars trust me)
adaweg985 years ago
i just got a rag tied it to mu head and then duct tape brush for the camo
mykmykmykkk6 years ago
just wear green stuff.... and maybe some face paint if your skin is realy realy light coloured
lord0fh0n0r6 years ago
i just wear green
random joe6 years ago
i use face paint and a full ghillie suit
Molybdenum6 years ago
I wear a hat that has a strip o material running all around it. Its useful for putting foliage in, and it can be quickly changed to match your surroundings. I also have yarn on my gun for the same purpose.