Homemade Explosives

i have a few homemade explosive projects made. i also want more ideas and projects on how to make some homemade explosives .

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I don't know any explosive except my broccolli, bacon, and bean dip. (LOL Fart joke but maybe I should me an 'Ible on it...)

Anyways, one for a flamable blob is the following:
Disolve styrofoam into gasoline until it's thick as you want. It will take a lot of styrofoam to make a lot of thick stuff. This stuff is a good substitute for napalm for movies.
WARNING! Watch out for the fumes around anything that can set it off and I'm not responible for and damages, injurys, and/or deaths from this advice because some (CENCERED) didn't follow the warning or use his/her brain.
blkhawk4 years ago


For those of you that live in the United States:

18 U.S.C. § 842 : US Code - Section 842: Unlawful acts

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person -
(1) to engage in the business of importing, manufacturing, or
dealing in explosive materials without a license issued under
this chapter...

(2) Prohibition. - It shall be unlawful for any person -
(A) to teach or demonstrate the making or use of an
explosive, a destructive device, or a weapon of mass
destruction, or to distribute by any means information
pertaining to, in whole or in part, the manufacture or use of
an explosive, destructive device, or weapon of mass
destruction, with the intent that the teaching, demonstration,
or information be used for, or in furtherance of, an activity
that constitutes a Federal crime of violence; or
(B) to teach or demonstrate to any person the making or use
of an explosive, a destructive device, or a weapon of mass
destruction, or to distribute to any person, by any means,
information pertaining to, in whole or in part, the manufacture
or use of an explosive, destructive device, or weapon of mass
destruction, knowing that such person intends to use the
teaching, demonstration, or information for, or in furtherance
of, an activity that constitutes a Federal crime of violence.

And this is only the federal code, each state have their own regulations regarding the manufacture of explosives.

So according to the US penal code, there are a large amount of 13 year olds (on youtube) commiting violent acts of crime everyday! My point is that knowing whether or not that it is legal, will not stop just anyone from building their own bombs. There will be those synthesizing their own explosives everyday...
However you bring up an amazing point!
Well, consider this a warning for those that not only make explosives but teach others to do it. Just because many people do it and stupidly post it on youtube does not make it legal or safe.
connormwood4 years ago
Anyway, there is a website known as bombshock (asuming you all have heard of it) and I suggest looking at the forums. You might be suprised at what people are able to post.
maize5 bremac4 years ago
A: There is no such thing as a "master organic chemist".
B: Uncle Fester did not write the Anarchist Cookbook. He wrote Home Workshop Explosives.
Aron313 bremac4 years ago
Thats why you test them in small quantities first and use e-matches to light them from a distance!
crossi2 bremac4 years ago
thank you for the warning. i have a despite need to make things go boom, but don't trust online sources. what books do you suggest?

whats wrong with you people, thats not an swer to the question, when will you people learnt that it doesnt matter what you say, theyre still gonna make it anyway, that warining comes on every propler instruction sheet to make explosives..

now, a good high explosive, that is somewhat safe to use, for the type of explosive it is, is hmtd

hmtd can be made form 3 ingredients
citric/hydrochloric/sulfuric acid
hexamine fuel tablets
hydrogen peroxide 6% or more

compared to acetone peroxide, this stuff is as safe as it gets. if made properly.
whats more, to make an impressive firecracker or something that will go boom, with lots of destruction, it only takes half a gram to cause miniature mayhem.
why, when i made some of the stuff, even the paper towel i used for a filter was good enough to use for a firecracker.
simply to see what happend, i lit a quarter of a gram of it, off a moist tissue, sitting on my hand, and guess what, nothing, it made a huge fireball, and looked all scarey, but nothing, i felt no heat at all.
the stuff becomes super dangerous when confined,even small amounts, also, if it is detonated by being compressed, then it becomes lethal, no matter how much it is.

its funn and all, and anyone who has the equiptment to make it, is already gonna know what theyre dealing with. so dont bother with the petty warnings, literally spamming the entire question, leaving the asker with no answer at all. ok
So in what proportions do you need the ingredients and what is the method of combining them?

Sounds like what I'M looking for I need to blast some stumps

Regards Andriesk
connormwood4 years ago
No! where did the comments go?! I need to know! Hi im new here but I am experienced with a various amount of explosives. That and chemistry...
hire is a idea take a PVC pipe use PVC glue to atach some other parts that close the end of diynamite then make black poweder heres the ricpice:
potasiom nitrate 60%
sulfur 10%
smashed carbon30%
any kind of fuse will work place the fuse in the middle of dynamite stik and leav min 20cm out then fill your stik white black poweder until its full make a hole in a circli shaped strong and thik plastik and cut it the cirle plastike shuld feat white your stike pass the fuse from that hole in the circle plastik and glue it white PVC glue to your stik paint the stik to red and write dynimate white big black words on it
ready to use
light the fuse and ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuun away that wod explode badly + trowing hard plastic pices
im not respansbe for any thing that you do white this harmfull thing
i wish i wouldent write this
lol they removed our terrorist convo ai ai ai ai ai!!!!
BIGUN™4 years ago
Clomans lantern oil. Break fluid. And chlorine (yes not spelled right I know). Only one word for yo RUN!!!! Even in small amounts. It explodes like napulm
nurdee14 years ago
Here is alimk for a neat expariment where you make a purple flame it isn't explosive but it sure is neat.

Hi bro. For you science project, why don't you make a plastic bomb? It is really easy and you can try it.
jhald4 years ago
My e-mail is jh.l.hald@gmail.com :D I´ve got some good recipies for yah!
How is it I never saw this topic? I want to make stuff that goes "boom", though, I'd prefer to be at a remote location, far enough away to make a radio detonator feasible, and IN THE WOODS. My FBI and Homeland Security pals should have that WHOLE statement in my file rather than have a undetermined location, you know how fussy they get when they don't know something.
zixx655 years ago
hey one of my friends name Brent Buntin want me to make him an explosive i dont know wat kind though and i was wondering if i can have some ideas on how to make one..... if u can my email is lil-joker90@hotmail.com if u can get me the ideas..... my friend is begging me to make one
Kiteman9 years ago
You need this site:


Enjoy, and try not to get dead.
Thanks dude! now i finally can make some xplosives.....
Be careful - don't get dead.
no worries, i'm a professional xD
if you are a professional why do you not know already how to make "some explosives" and.....if you can FINALLY make some explosives that just makes you a noob, you should probably stick to snap-its and growing glow snakes
It only takes one mistake, and even those skilled for many years, can still make a fatal one....
i know but i'l be careful, i promise, ok?
You don't need my permission LOL, but thanks for reassuring me

I wasn't so careful and nearly blew my chest open one time.

Had I not faced it in what most would have considered the wrong direction, I would have ended up in the hospital in rooms, 101, 102, & 103 *sigh* seriously.
cheezuz... sounds bad....
Advice, stay away from containing expanding gases (explosives) inside of anything metal as one never knows which end will prove weakest and launch the entire piece of shrapnel in your direction. Lesson learned by a nearly maimed Ex-pyro-technician.
Lesson learned by a nearly maimed Ex-pyro-technician.
You were a pyro?
To an extent of explosives and yes "contained fire" (not burning down buildings or anything). I did a lot of Aerosol can rockets (NOT recommended ! tis a good way to start an uncontrolled fire or put holes in your own body - BTW: I was luck and never started an "uncontained" fire, thankfully) I still have, in my drawer at home, a little "cherry bomb" that might be a "banger" or it might be a smoke bomb. I have become so skittish over such things, I fear to "set it off to find out". Since it is almost 30 years old, it probably would not do much even if it was an "explosive". :-)
I still have, in my drawer at home, a little "cherry bomb" that might be a "banger" or it might be a smoke bomb.

Have you tried it yet? after about two years?
I haven't had opportunity (in the city, one must be extra careful)....if it is a smoke bomb, it will burn for quite a few seconds and will be very much "locatable" LOL
smoke bombs hae a casing that comes off on your hands and sparkler bombs are plastic on the outside well atleast the ones i used where
Oh come on! Have a little fun...If the cops come, you can have a nice conversation.
yep, my friend did a bomb inside a glass bottle, and he kinda hurt himself....
Been there, thankfully for me, I only singed off my facial and arm hair, but it could have been much worse.
ya, my friend have a scar on his right arm from a peace of glass that flew right in to it .
I had a metal shield in front of me, which stopped most of the solid stuff, but flames follow air currents and the explosion went around the shield. I could have been blinded or set on fire.
damn.. sounds kinda bad to...
Like I said above, I have no logical reason as to how I survived myself in those days.
lol, i hope i'l survive untill at least 25 '
Well, come Nov. I will be 49 (but I feel like 60 sometimes, in my joints) so I suppose luck was with me, and maybe just a wee bit of caution despite my aggregate stupidity back then.
oh, i'm like 14 soon...
I love how kids are trying to bow themselves up.... This kills me, they're gonna get busted by their parents eventually, why bother trying.
Some of us parents take part in the disasters. My kids are always saying, "Mom, stop Dad. He's about to blow himself up...again".
He's about to blow himself up...again
Lol. Again...
proabably cuz it's fun nuthead... -.-'
Wow, this is coming up on a year already? How time flies *sigh*
I hope I live to graduate school.
That would have been terrible for me! :P
Sounds like you sport a beard :-) I was only about 12 at the time...long long time ago, but it taught me a lesson I haven't forgotten about Gasoline.
Yes I do but it only seems to grow on my chin so it looks like a small sea anemone has stuck its self under my mouth but I'm not moulding my moustache along my jaw becuase I don't want to look like Craig David! Gasoline probably wasn't the best thing to play with when you were 12 :P
No, neither was gunpowder (the real stuff) the best thing for a 12 year old to play with. There is no sane reason why I am still alive either, with some of the DUMB stuff I did as a child.
Woow!! You must be reeeeal lucky!
Yes indeed. Every time I look back on it, I have to wonder about how I accomplished this feat. :-)
Me wants to know what happened.
put gunpowder inside a spent co2 cartridge, thought it would take off like a rocket and it didn't exactly: it exploded and embedded dirt, stones, and grass into my chest, and the piece of metal took off (thankfully) in the other direction, slicing down 1-2 inch branches on it's way skyward. I was a stupid kid with a lot of imagination.....
Stupid? Sorta. Uninformed? Definitely. Even I know you put black powder into a co2 cartridge for a BOMB!
Oh 'scuse me, I forgot I found that out online =]
That is my excuse then, there was no online when I did that. In fact, there were no PC's when I did that. :-)
Wow...somewhere I read that those were called "crater-makers" for obvious reasons.
It was the equivalence to a pipe bomb in a pipe with 1/3 inch thick walls.
Hmm, yeah I even ended up making a few small craters in the macadam roadway near our house. Literally discovered that the road would "burn" and that you definitely do NOT want to try to "stomp it out" - hot tar does not feel good on one's bare leg.
Or maybe, not enough imagination?
Not enough foresight, for sure. ;-)

I imagined all kinds of things that could happen, but believing that one or another of the worst case scenarios might, and so prepare for it, was something I didn't do *sigh*

Most of it was lack of understanding of the "real" forces I was playing with...for instance, never pour gasoline down a "sinkhole" and ignite it...unless you don't mind going deaf and being buried at the same time.
I love that website, it started with acetone peroxide and before I knew it, I was detonating ANNM and making nitroglycerin. Acetone Peroxide is still very,VERY dangerous though...
acetone peroxide isn't really as sensitive as everybody says it is the stuff i made is not sensitive at all
Yea, I aready made some, I use them to make blasting caps to set off ANNM, ANAP, and an explosive made out of calcium hypochlorate, ammonium nitrate, and naptha. Though acetone peroxide is not as sensitive as (let's say, nitrogen triiodide) it is still something I would want to be extra careful with. It is still more sensitive than black powder, or even flash powder. I also make the trimer , not the dimer acetone peroxide.
yah i make the trimer stuff too i have been pretty carefull with it but i have had no problems of it detonating from shock
ok.... ive been trying to find out. what is ANNM? Ammonium nitrate and........ im kinda foggy here... i wanna make some ANFO but i need a blasting cap. I looked at yerr free site at blasting caps but I dont have any mercury fulminate. any help would be very much appreciated. like... could I use Sparkler power and gunpowder in a shell? thankee people.
wait... nitromethane? as model fuel? Ammonium Nitrate and NitroMethane?
Yes it's ammonium nitrate with Nitromethane. All I used for my blasting caps were HMTD (AKA- Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine). It had no problem detonating ANNM. If your using HMTD blasting caps for ANFO, I suggest adding some kind of booster to the charge. You can't use sparklers or gunpowder in a blasting cap for ANFO because it has to use a primary high explosive.
i heard somewhere (yerr site) that nitromethane was shock sensitive to 20 feet, this true? and if so does adding it to the ammonium nitrate desensitize it?
great site looks like im gonna have some fun today
Great info, but the people on there are too strict.
Ohhh. I love that website. How it is not illegal i have no clue, but its still cool.
Enjoy, and try not to get dead.

I Second that motion...it can be so easy to maim or kill one's self without trying too hard when dealing with unstable materials...
beautiful site right up there with united nuclear on my freaking awesome list
johnbarry6 years ago
my email is 1wildcolt@gmail.com can you send me recipies fot explosives and timed detonators... i like big explosions
i need to know how to make a smiple detenated explosive, that does not cause emense pain, just enough to make you aware of it hiting you. this just for a game.
 Are you serious? What could possibly go wrong, right?
Minor cuts, scrapes, or bruises. Broken bones and loss of fingers or toes. Missing eyes, detached limbs, or loss of lung. Death. So, not much.
And now I will take these e-mail addresses foolishly volunteered, and sell them to the black market for thousands!!
Zouga7 years ago
Zouga7 years ago
Hi, first timer to this site. doing some research on a book i'm interessted in writing on improvised explosive ordinates. if any one has any cool diagrams for detonators or trip wires & time delays, not talking about the usual washing peg and thumb tack or $10 alarm clock. looking for some fresh stuff
Sessha7 years ago
im trying to find other articles besides the ones on the anarchist cook book site i have all those but i need material on different chemicals for explosives and i keep running into sites that are working on there pages so i cant get any info
lemonie Sessha7 years ago
Have you read all the comments on this page? Try sending an e-mail to everyone who's added their address and ask them (one e-mail, to all).

top794gun7 years ago
yea..... ive made mistakes with fire but still blow stuff up like last year a gas can we had caught on fire and blew up got a pretty lil memory from that one! I have a question I need a way to blow stuff up with a legit explosion ive done the whole match rocket , blowing up aerosol cans, and i need some advice on hay what to do next!?
google0077 years ago
can you send me a copy to at Dannymar007@hotmail.com
triplex9727 years ago
can u send me the anarchists cookbook at boarding0424@yahoo.com thanx
skunkbait7 years ago
Have a look here. Skunk Jr was like 12 when he did this one. He was just bored, and had run low on firecrackers.
i am an experienced bomb maker and if anyone wants help tips or anything about bombs i can email you i also have the anarchist cookbook and will e-mail you that just e-mail me at CoreyBlaze17@aol.com
tech-king8 years ago
fun stuff:

sodium cholrat and sugar---- percussion detonated firebomb
not gonna say how to make a bomb
What is a really easy project to start with? (That site is AWSOME; supprised that ATF hasn't removed it...)
whats the atf im new here and figuring thinghs out
The part of the american justice system that regulates alcohol, tobacco and firearms.
thats ok then i dont live in america lol
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