Homemade Holidays Winners Announced

Instructables and CRAFT Magazine are happy to announce the winners of the Homemade Holidays Contest!

While most people are out there trying to buy the perfect item, many of you were working to make the perfect gift and we love you for it. The personal touch of a handmade gift shows your creativity, and how much you care.

Once again we were delighted by the variety of Instructables that were submitted. The entries just keep getting better and better -- just one look at the winners here shows that!

Even though there are first, second, and third prizes, all of these Instructables deserve a look. Be sure to leave comments and pictures so the authors know how much you appreciate their hard work!

First Prize Winners
The authors of these Instructables win a CRAFT Boxed Gift Set, an Instructables robot T-shirt, a CRAFT T-shirt, and a laser-cut Robot holiday ornament. (in alphabetical order)

Second Prize Winners
The authors of these Instructables win a one-year subscription to CRAFT Magazine, an Instructables robot T-shirt, a CRAFT T-shirt, and a laser-cut Robot holiday ornament. (in alphabetical order)

Third Prize Winners
The authors of these Instructables win CRAFT: Volume 5 and a laser-cut Robot holiday ornament. Due to a tie, there are 11 winners instead of 10. (in alphabetical order)

Slideshow/Video Prize Winners
The authors of these Instructables win CRAFT: Volume 5 and a laser-cut Robot holiday ornament. (in alphabetical order)

Thank you to all the judges: arwen, natalie, ewilhelm, randofo, canida, rachel, reno_dakota, noahw, fungus amungus , and nagutron.

Kiteman6 years ago
Hey, I won! ... scrolls ... So did Kitewife!
I realized that you did win, 2 times!
Congratulations, you get all the stuff, and I sit here.
In the corner.

Time there is still, youngling.
Yeah, but I can't really think of great ideas. I work really hard, but I don't get much. Well, I got a patch and stickers for helping out the community, but those Robot T-shirts... ahhhh!!!! You must have like 3, or something. You won two times in this contest... lucky. I will have to try harder.
Carry a notepad around with you, jot down any ideas that occur to you.

(Oh, and it's five shirts, plus a Leatherman and several patches)
Gjdj3 Kiteman6 years ago
Kiteman, you have a lot of instructables stuff. (I'm jealous), But anyway, nice job!
I use Freemind an open source mind mapping software to keep track and categorize my random ideas and to-do lists. It's easy to shuffle things around and re-categorize my ideas. Lots of times little seemingly stupid individual ideas can become one really big stupid idea. And sometimes, with enough mediocre, bad, or really strange ideas a true gem stands out.

But, it's the same concept as the notepad... just keep track of your ideas (good, bad or indifferent) and you'll be amazed at what you can come up with. Sometimes the perfect catalyst for great ideas is a brain-dump.
Thanks for rubbing it in, Kiteman.
> big eejit grin < Like I said, there's loads of time yet - I've just celebrated my second year here.
ll.13 Kiteman6 years ago
....If you delete any of the Instructables you'll have to hand it back. =P
Shut up.
I find that ideas just come naturally - I can't take ideas that are being forced upon me.
Same here. I like to think of something, then make it. I have a cool Instructable I am thinking of making right now, but I'm not sure if I'll post it, I might though, it'll be up soon (hopefully).
Go for it! If in doubt, post!
Is that legal?
Legal, shmegal - it was her work, and she'll be reading the Craft magazine.
err... sorry about the caps
Kitewife is Mrs Kiteman - she made the scarf, all I did was take a video of the end result. She gets the Craft magazine.
Heh. Me, too. Congrats!
KentsOkay6 years ago
Hoorah for the winners, and W00T! for Kiteman, two wins LOL, and for me :



yngla6 years ago
Thanks a bunch. Lots of really great instructables in this contest!
aintMichael6 years ago
yay! thanks!
ll.136 years ago
Well done winnners!
Very Keri6 years ago
Congratulations everyone! Even if you didn't win, there were so many good instructables to pick from, I know the judges had their hands full! Personally, I favorited about 50 of these projects and I never did get to look at all of them. Gonna go make my own robot ornament now, I'll be sure to post it. :P
Well, my spirits are crushed :( But I guess you can't expect to win with your first Instructable. Altough it would have been nice. I'll probably enter again some other time.
Woo Hoo! Congrats everyone!
Goodhart6 years ago
Way to go all......there's some really great stuff in there :-)
technick296 years ago
Congrats all!
Ora6 years ago
Catch a real fallen star links to the Chinese Dragon FYI
Brennn106 years ago
Congratulations everyone!
Bran6 years ago
Great job everyone!
Several of the images link to instructables different from the titles.
Ha! I just tried it, and it does take you to something else... strange..
Dang... oh well. Congrats to everybody, I was waiting for this all day at school!

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