Homemade Holidays Winners Announced!

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Kiteman9 years ago
Yippee! I won, and so did Kitewife! A family one-two!
But she does not have her own Instructables account, called Kitewoman.
She's Kitewife
You made her (on Instructables) last night. :P I tried Kitewife before. I tried Kitewoman before. I tried Kiteman'sWife before. I tried many many things before. They don't work. Until now.
I made her have her own account to collaborate with me on the scarf - it's not my work, after all, I only took the video.
ll.13 Kiteman9 years ago
....there's nothing to her. 0_o
Kitewife ll.139 years ago
Wait until you meet me in person, dear ...
ll.13 Kitewife9 years ago
...but I mean, you need to comment on things, post Instructables, get an avatar..
Maybe he is referring to: Kitewife has not posted any instructables yet...

*shrug* :-)
Oh well, I thought my snowman family had a chance.
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