Homemade LCD?

I have been wondering this for some time now: How can I make my own lcd solution? I don't want anything that will be able to display a picture, what I'd like to do is make windows that can shade/unshade. It'd be only one pixel, so no fancy circuitry would be required.

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marcfiam1 year ago
roneea1 year ago

How to Make Old Mobile screen transparent using the external battery and any piece of the screen and how it led it with electricity - a curtain of light in my home

arupbsk3 years ago
Have a look at how Ben made his DIY custom LCD.
Yt vid here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zoeeR3geTA
ericcash5 years ago
At the risk of necro'ing an old thread, so far the only DIY-friendly way of making transparent conductors I've found is the SnO2 coating on glass method:
...in conjunction with a homemade microkiln (basically a hollowed out firebrick and a propane tank), this might be a doable weekend project?

...I wonder if really tiny iron slivers in a gel would work as an alternative to liquid crystal in this case?

If anyone's figured out how to DIY liquid crystal I'd love to hear about it! All the documented ways I've found so far require patented & hard to get precursors
: s
You could use LCD smartie to control a HD44780 LCD driver IC and use the windows as pixels.
robacarp (author)  gimmelotsarobots9 years ago
I am not sure what a 'LCD smartie' is. In any case, I am hoping actually make my own LCD, not control one I already have.
LCD Smartie is a free opwn source LCD program used to control LCDs from a computer. I mean hook up the windows to a HD44780 chip as the pixels.
Actually, he does not want to control a LC display : he would like to make some Liquid Crystals.

@robacarp :
You probably read that already, so, just in case :
They say Liquid Crystals were invented after studying carrot's cholesterol ...
If it's possible to produce home-made LC, the most difficult to make (or to find) would be the large polarizing filters films ...
... and the transparent electrodes !
transparent electrodes....... what do i know thats conductive and transparent.... how many volts are we talking?
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