Homemade Snow Maker

This is my homemade snow maker. I came up with the design and built it completely on my own and it works fantastic. This video is how much snow it made in about a minute at marginal snowmaking temperatures. Tell me what you think and rate 5!

Picture of Homemade Snow Maker
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this looks really cool great for a research and development class actually the best prject for around $80 REALLY COOL
fidgety26 years ago
i think i understand how this would work but correct me if i am wrong in thinking that this has something to do with the hilsch vortex effect and also wouldn't you need just a beast of a air compressor in order to achieve the temperatures you are talking about?
Electroinnovation (author)  fidgety26 years ago
I belive so however that is the main reason this didn't work so well. The nozzle for the compressed air was too large so my compressor couldn't maintain a high enough air pressure. For these, you really need a constant 90-100psi but I could only keep it around 60. Of course it works in colder temperatures...I made some one day when it was around 0 F but the resultswere not so great.
sprout_less7 years ago
I can't watch the video.
Electroinnovation (author)  sprout_less7 years ago
Oh odd. Is there another format you'd like? I can transfer it
Kiteman7 years ago
Why not post this as an Instructable?

(Oh, and if you upload the video to YouTube or similar, you'll get a lot more people watching it.)
Electroinnovation (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I'm working on the youtube account and no instructable because I'm planning on selling something like this on ebay and if people can make it less will buy it.