Homemade Sterno type stuff

I was wondering if it would be possible to make a homemade version of sterno similar to the actual stuff. Heres a bit of info on it "Invented around 1900, Sterno is made from ethanol, methanol, water and an amphoteric oxide gelling agent, plus a dye that gives it a characteristic pink color. Designed to be odorless, a 7 oz (198 g) can will burn for up to two hours. The methanol is added to denature the product, which essentially is intended to make it too toxic to be drinkable " There at least are the components but of course no measurements. And where the heck would I get methanol anyway /shrug Not sure wed really need it anyhow. I thought maybe a vaseline and alcohol mixture might be a good place to start but Im not really sure. Any thoughts?

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try corn starch and alcohol
buggs416 years ago
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buggs416 years ago
As to be of some use about the Methanol side of that question methanol is made from waste fermented with certain enzymes or it can be Extracted from Fermented wood I know nothing of the enzyme method but the fermented wood would be done the same way you get ethanol I don't have to tell you it is toxic and I don't have to tell you it will kill you if you ingest it of don't even dream of It. Sawdust sugar 73° of constant heat Oh yeah don't forget the yeast Brewers yeast preferred But Plano bakers yeast will yield about the same result A cardioid or old bucket Will suit your needs This is a long way to go around giving your money to the man if you don't mind the work is worth it.Just for this year satisfaction Of being able to do it for yourself and holding on to your hard-earned money.I didn't go into detail because I thought you would be able to fill in the blanks for yourself Making the methanol is not unlike making ethanol that but I'm speaking to just go check out your distillery method sites and replace the brain with wood.and it's much more sanitary than dealing with do do and rotten vegetables.
maddadh7 years ago
Denatured alcohol and Calcium acetate
Cindra7 years ago
When I was a Girl Scout we made our own stero type fuel. All it was was a can (a used sterno can is the best) with cardboard coiled tightly inside and filled with wax. We used this for safe cooking (It will never explode from being stored in high temps) and for my money, works as well as sterno. I still use these instead of regular canned heat.
janetterv8 years ago
Here's a site that offers two recipes for sterno. Haven't found anything on dyes yet, though.


kithso (author) 8 years ago
right o then
Kiteman8 years ago
Start with methylated spirits, which is already a mixture of alcohol and methanol. I wonder if the silica-based stuff in disposable nappies would do as a gelling agent?
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Going by your description, it's just alcohol with a "binder." . As far as burning in a small can, there's not much difference between ethanol and methanol. Use whichever is easiest/cheapest to acquire. . For the amphoteric oxide gelling agent, try calcium oxide, zinc oxide, or aluminium oxide. . I don't think Vaseline (or any other hydrocarbon) will work, but not sure. Experiment.