Homemade Vinyl Record Cutting

I've always loved recording my music onto computers or cassettes and it's always been a little dream of mine to put one or two of them onto a homemade vinyl record. Obviously this would be very lo-fi but it seems like it'd still be a fun project. Anyone know if this is possible or if they've done something similar? Way I would think it could be done is to reverse the wiring in side a record player into a microphone of some sort and replace the needle with a razor blade with a blank sheet of the certain type of vinyl?

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MiguelB7811 months ago


I'm very serious about the puchase

my email biggieruth@gmail.com looking for a machine

tmor742 years ago

Vestax vrx2000 vinyl cutter for sale.. Uk only .. Immaculate condition, barely used..£2300

jorbe tmor741 year ago

hello I'm very interested in the Vestax, please send me an email abc5856262w@hotmail.com my name Carlos.

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I know there are not too many alternatives left but the Vestax, but anyone wanting to get one should read up on their usual problems.

I got one (hired) a few years back and was not a happy camper.

During the first "cut" one of the cables on the cutting needle became loose and I lost the first recording this way.

A few later I could get it again (repaired) but again the recording was useless due to static noise created by the cutter.

After this repair was fixed I was told there was a problem with the motor that caused the noise and offered 3 blank vinyls for compensation.

I said thanks but no thanks...

Don't get me wrong, the Vestax is a great lathe once and if working properly but they do require a lot of love to keep working good.

This was quite a few years back and getting vinyl is now also a hard task.

I read about a project where people wanted to create a cutter using acrylic disks instead of the vinyl but it was abandoned due to a lack of interest.

Being a big community here it might an idea to create a group to work on low cost machine to build at home?

Dj PanchoR2 years ago

Any sell SELL A VESTAX VRX-2000?


Dj PanchoR2 years ago

Any sell SELL A VESTAX VRX-2000?


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