Homemade sports cars? Got any ideas?

I want to build a sports car, Everyone (Kurtis,Crosley,etc.) did it in the '60s, why can't we do it now? Anyone got ideas? I might have an engine to a Datsun 280z, but it might be too rusty. I still need ideas for fuel injection/ignition.

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buy a kit car, then modify it.

Or start small such as a go kart or motorcycle. \

But for a kit car they still get pretty expensive.

Kiteman2 years ago
TheFlyingDeutschmann (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

Cool, if you want a seven.

And who doesn't?

TheFlyingDeutschmann (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

not me. Cobras are the best classic British roadsters.

They're nice, granted, but if you want classic roadster, then you're looking at a DB5 or an E-Type...


In most countries you will need engeneering certificates to get anything on the road.

Next problem is the actual safety as you can no longer just screw a chassis together and add some wheels and an engine - it has to conform to current rules and regulations, not to mention the emmisions.

Unless you have access to a deep money well it won't be fun as most likely you will never drive your home built car except on your private property.

I just want a track car

Get Nissan 370 or GTR ;)

But seriously building a car from scratch is only for those with good experience.

For track use it is easier to modify an existing car.

Strip it, add a roll cage maybe upgrade the engine plus NOS.

Unless you have a factory workshop and enless supplies you have to use what is available in cars and car parts, so the only feasable option I can see is to use a good base and create custom chassis on top of it.