Homemade un-breakable glass???

ok, so there's a hurricane coming, and my friend said he's taping his windows. so i'm like: wtf is taping your windows? and he says covering your windows in tape makes them more durable to shattering, if you use masking tape. Masking tape? he said it was some trick that was very well known... he called me an idiot... i got all confused why he expected me to know... i argued why i should know, then he hung up, and got all pissed at me for some wierd reason...

so i just need to know: what's the deal with this trick i've never heard of?

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I live in FL...we get a lot of hurricanes. Taping windows is a safety measure that people to take to stop glass from shattering if it breaks. The idea is to hold the pieces together. Also, duct tape is what is generally used, i'm not sure if that's a coincidence or if masking tape doesn't work. That being said:

  • We've never had a window break
  • People who do tape their windows either never take it off (it's a HUGE pain) or spend hours cleaning off the residue.
  • If there is enough debris flying, you shouldn't be near the windows anyways
  • You'll still have to pay to fix the window.
Covering windows with plywood is a better idea, but it takes much longer to put up, something that deters many people. We don't do anything; the time and money that it would take to put up plywood isn't worth it to us for the price of a window.

Ideally, you could install some sort of latching system that allows just sliding/snapping boards into place for quick put up and take down.
he said "it wouldn't break", which is why i got confused... then i called my other friend... "it's just to help with the mess" i don't see the point of wasting your time taping it, if it will still break...
Well, it helps, as was said, with cleanup, but also, if people are still in the house, it cuts down flying glass. Since it shatters but stays put if the tape is strong enough one merely removes the window are replaces it, rather then cleaning it up form all over the room (and possibly getting cut by that cleanup).
Automobile windows are like that, with a thin sheet of very durable plastic substance between two layers of glass.......it breaks, but is not supposed to shatter.
AnarchistAsian (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
oh, yeah, that's also how hurricane windows are made, there's just the same material as soda bottles over them...
OH, wait, isn't it plastic over glass?

Anyways, if it's the case that the window doesn't break, you might have a bunch of sticky stuff on your window... shouldn't you be out of the way in the first place? and also wear gloves?
Well, over, inside, it serves the same purpose really, to keep the glass from flying about....and if the window doesn't break? Well, instead of tape, maybe use that plastic insulation material, that also helps keep cold or heat outside. :-)
AnarchistAsian (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
oooohhh, but if the plastic is outside, the glass can't move, right?
It may flex far enough to break, but not fly around, unless you are talking about a very rigid plastic ?
AnarchistAsian (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
well, soda bottles are made of fairly strong plastic, but i mean if it's held in place by plastic, then the glass will crack, but still hold out debris...
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