Honoring NES PC author Hatsuli

Eric's post telling us of ibler Hatsuli was recently bumped.  Hatsuli joined on the 12th of February, and posted his instructable on the same day.  I think as a community we should find some sort of way to honor him at this time every year.  It could be an honorary contest of sorts, a way to raise money for cancer research, or whatever.  Any and all ideas are welcome, but I think we should honor him in some way!  Thoughts?

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Krayzi995 years ago
Even though the nes pc was all he contributed, he was very well know, and deserves a memorial. Hatsuli will always be with us, but he will never post another 'ible. a small thread is just not enough. We will not relegate his memorial to a single day, but rather, remember him always.
RIP, hatsuli.
Kiteman7 years ago
It may sound heartless, but his contribution to the site was relatively small.

Instead of a contest specific to Hatsuli's memory, perhaps it would be better to have a general memorial to all those contributing members we have lost; with the growing numbers we have, there must be one or two a year.
Maybe one of the admins could create a forum topic listing departed members, but locked against comment.

The problem is though, with so many inactive members, it'd be hard to know who is the deceased, and who just got bored with the site.

We'd probably need to rely on third-party messages.

(Hopefully, come the day, at least one of the boys will still be members and able to let y'all know I'd shuffled off this mortal coil.)

(Yes, hopefully. It'd be a shame if we had to assume when you died.)
You can just assume I killed him. Take the guesswork out of it. ;)
YAY! No guessing! Less work for me.
(How log should we wait to safely assume you killed him? A few days? A week?)
I think we can assume she'd brag about it.

We have no idea where she lives with any more accuracy than "America", but I bet she knows where I live to within a town or two (not a hard hing o find out, if you browse my posts).  She could sneak over, pop me off, then safely brag about it from behind the interwebs.

I'm assuming that you've been killed, and your account has been covertly commandeered.
 I'm assuming that it was kitewife, and this is her covert attempt to tie up the loose ends.
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