House Boat (Suggestions/ideas/brainstorming/etc. I want everyone's opinion)

Okay! Summer project time. I've been collecting acid barrels from my dad's work. Each 55 gallon, plastic drum, is 35 inches high and 24 inches in diameter (90 x 60cm) can hold 460 pounds in fresh water. At the moment, I have 9 barrels. I get another every month, so by mid-springtime, I will have 12 barrels. My question to you, is how would you go about making a house boat, or floating platform. I don't have a specific use for it, just a place to get away with friends or by myself. I would like some kind of canopy. I live about 25 minutes away from the river I plan to set my boat on. A friend of mine has a decent sized trailer, and that is what we would haul it on. My other question is, would I have to have my house boat licensed, or 'labeled' to be legal? Thanks in advance, some sketches would be appreciated. :D

Picture of House Boat (Suggestions/ideas/brainstorming/etc. I want everyone's opinion)
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DaleP81 year ago

Check out this site

They have a Barrel Calculator to help you with your project

RNGirl2 years ago
Bigev8 years ago
A hexagon shaped boat with a hole in the center. 2 barrels per section, possibly a plywood top. Make the sections as thick as you dare, and use the center hole for swimming, drinks cooling (Kiteman style), anchors, or whatnot. Because it will have no definable bow or stern, place motor mounts on all sides and drive with a pair of movable engines placed on adjacent sides. Also because it will have no discernible bow or stern, steering this floating island would be tricky, but who cares! Find rowboats to get to and from it. ____ / \ \____ / (roughly) Definitely register.
Bigev Bigev8 years ago
ignore the little oddly shaped bit at the bottom.
unclejoe8 years ago
the 12 barrels, when cleared of the acid they contained, will make for excellent flotation. they should give you about 5,000lbs of displacement. to make it more easily transportable, you could make it in three sections 2 pontoons and an attachable deck. a very good primer on what you are looking to do is 'Handmade Houseboats: Independent Living Afloat' by Russell Conder, McGraw-Hill June 1992 , ISBN 0071580220 most states require registration of water craft usually through the DMV and follow the US Coast Guard safety guidelines.
Derin unclejoe8 years ago
Then you could just drive a junk car onto it and make a housecar with the car canopy
unclejoe Derin8 years ago
you could, being sure to secure it to the platform, set the brakes and chock the wheels.
most locals get a mite peevish about petrol machines being dropped in their water.

a van would be more appropriate.

or, with the right framing, an RV/motorhome. : }
crigstar8 years ago
ive built a canoo from scratch and it works fine. i drew up the designes on the wood cut it out and glued and screwed it together and it is awsome. i am planing to make a bigger amphibian boat that has its own fold up wheels and is towed by a bike and the bike can fit into the boat as well! it will have a sail and u should be able to live in it for a few days.
imploration8 years ago
Not sure if this is still active or not, but I did this last summer, and am looking to do a similar thing on a smaller scale this summer. I sketched the whole thing up in sketchup, to calculate its weight and added enough barrels so that they would float at about the half line. Our boat was 8' wide and 20ft long, severely overbuilt (2 2x8 frames on top of each other perpendicularly oriented for strength in both directions. Our method of attaching barrels was simple cheap worked fantastically and was very quick to do, and I have never regretted it although it might not be good for long periods of time in salt water: we used this galvanized strapping material that comes in 1" thick rolls with holes drilled all along it we just wrapped it around the barrel and nailed it (you could screw it ) in. The only downfall were some cuts on out hands from the sharp edges. We pushed the whole thing with a 9 horse outboard from 1973, and were severly lugging the motor but managed a good 3ish mph against a 1.5-2mph current. It weighed about 3,000 lbs though. Here is a picture of it as we were leaving it. We did register it, because we had too and there wasn't a boat that we could outrun. The only trouble we had with the process was that they rejected it at first because, on regestration you have to pay taxes on materials that you didn't pay state taxes for and they couldn't believe that we had build an 8x20' boat for as little as we had, although this was only a problem after we had used up our temporary registration, which is good for three months and takes nothing to get, and a few pictures more than convinced them of what we had done. As for a roof we found that blue tarps aren't waterproof at all, and that a good construction grade tarp is well worth the money. And for sleeping we just had a $20 air matress that we would set up under that at night. If you want more info/pictures/tips/sketchupfiles message me, I would be more than happy to help.
make a instructable for that platform
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