Hover shoes need your opinion

do you think that hover shoes like the one in this video could be real if they are i might spend my christmas money on them i see many coments like this "i tried them and they work!!" but idk

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ramil163 years ago

is this real?


stryke2973 years ago

Old thread, but if this did work, it would be like trying to walk on water wearing arm flotation devices on your feed, you'd fall over.

Also where do you live that you think you'd have just tons of metal to walk over?

mattman25 years ago
this is NOT real the magnets would attract to the metal beam unless there was an opposing force of the same polarity don't spend your money on them
Even if this idea worked, it would be extremely hard to move on your own or take steps.
lemonie7 years ago
No, obviously a joke of sorts.

dodo917 years ago
not possible. notice how he only puts a positive terminal on each magnet, but not a negative. also, it would have to be an electromagnet for electricity to do anything. we put more weight on our heels. his toes point down when he floats. ur toes would point up, because of all the weight on ur heel. u would float, you would be push away and back on the ground, if it worked at all. notice how he only shows his lower half...
kelseymh8 years ago
No :-) I think the poor guy hung himself when he discovered that his shoes didn't work.
darth acexxacer (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
haha i thought that he was just trying to make them look like they would work ,but i meant the theoretical use of magnets to make me float above a metal surface
I recomend using large fans for propulsion. Ever seen that Braniac episode where they make a hoverboard?
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