How Can I Make Studying FUN???

I dont like going home after school just to do my homework and study! i cant do it, anyone know how i can make sudying and doing my homewok fun & easy ???

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HaleyO2 years ago

You can try some homework apps and become more tech savvy. Or at least see how different homework tricks work and then tell about it to your friends. For example there is a tool that makes essay longer using famous dot size increasing.

LinuxH4x0r10 years ago
or reward yourself by looking up stuff on the internet lol!
Goodhart10 years ago
I agree wish Sunbanks ... finding ways to apply certain lessons like Math to different everyday things, even to games and such. It, as was mentioned also, makes it a challenge and that can be more fun too.
Sunbanks10 years ago
Well, if you have to do math you can get a roll of Smarties and for every problem you finish you eat a Smartie. That doesn't work for me, I just eat them all.
srikar0610 years ago
try a study group. do homework with few friends that always helps me. especially in college
You could take doing homework and studying like a personal challenge ? And this would become easier as long as you'll make progresses ...