How Cheesy

Last night before going home from work, an ad popped up on the upper portion of the screen (not a pop-up ad) and it looked like the picture below. Well, I am always interested in new ways to have cheese (since I am NOT supposed to have any) and so I went to the site. Now, I was definitely not wishing to drive all the way to Harrisburg, just to sample some cheese bits, so I looked around the site a bit and lo and behold, they were going to visit a Giant Food store near me; and that was at noon today! I went there today, and they have really decent tasting 75% less fat cheese (cheddar) and some decent Colby too. I especially liked the habanero infused cheese, and found the Jalapeno one a bit on the mild side. Then, for coming out because I saw the ad, they gave me a REALLY nice cloth shopping (or whatever) bag. It is as roomy inside as a large paper bag is. It's been a good far.

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KentsOkay8 years ago

Lol the holy grail or milk man is my favorite.
IM a personal fan of the Funniest Joke in the World
Lol!! One of the translators saw two of the words and spent a week in the hospital. LOL
Goodhart (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
Yeah, I was thinking of that when I posted ;-)
First thing that springs to mind when I think of cheese, or dead parrots...
Goodhart (author)  KentsOkay8 years ago
One of My favorites also :-)
I was going to go with "Crackin toast" from Wallace and Gromit. Kinda looks like Kiteman.
Flumpkins8 years ago
Does that tab say you googled Barny?!?
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