How Do I Create an Offshore Corporation?

Anybody know how to start an offshore corporation (and is willing to share how - cuz it's tough to find someone to share that specific info)? I have a coaching client who really needs to start an offshore corporation but I haven't a clue how to even point her in the right direction. Thanks.

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Kiteman9 years ago
Ask an accountant? It depends how far "offshore" you're willing to go. Jersey (UK Channel Islands), Isle of Man, Switzerland? Or Cuba?
coachdeb (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Hmm. Does it really matter how far offshore? The only place I've heard of is the Cayman Islands south of Cuba. So I guess what I'm looking for is a way to help her get started. Sounds like it would depend on the location.
I was being metaphorical - how are they willing to go, legally? Your best bet is still to ask an accountant - ask them how much it would cost, though.
my dad did that... I don't know though, he's dead now, it isn't always something illegal like money laundering though, there are other reason to use them...
It can help with certain tax issues.
And for the helpless accountant that had to deal with the books... They weren't the picture of tidyness, in the end they worked it out better so it was closed...
Yep, when your accounts don't fit the gov's standard form, sometimes you just have to cut them out of the loop. It's easier to just pay standard taxes and avoid the frustration of having to explain where it all came from and where it all went.
Oh this was a simple case of organisation...
ll.13 Kiteman9 years ago
North Sea oil platform? =)
Kiteman ll.139 years ago

That is an old platform.
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