How Do I Use Shielded Wire Correctly?

Hi I am trying to wire an electric guitar up and I really want to use shielded wire. I already bought like 3 feet of it and I have no idea how to use it? Can someone help me out please! Thanks!

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gmoon8 years ago
Use it like regular wire; the outer shield is always the ground. Try to avoid ground loops. I.E., everything should be connected to a common ground at only one point.

This page has a simple explanation of gnd loops in guitar wiring. As does this one (better text, but with ascii text images only.)

If you need specific wiring diagrams for a Les Paul, Strat, etc., you can find 'em pretty easily online...

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I think you just solder it on wherever it needs to go...AFAIK there's nothing special you need to do, except of course strip the stuff off the ends to expose the bare wire on your connections.
jackillac92 (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
No because it has wire inside of the outer metal coating,
The wire on the inside of the coating is what you use, the coating is there as the shield.
That sounds like the ground to me...a picture would help.