How Do You Cut Your Piece??

Hey guys, this is my first Forum topic. Now today I would like to ask y'all how do you cut your pieces? I mean, I've been trying from ages and I can not get a smooth edged cut piece. Now I have used a hacksaw as well as a plier both of which have failed to produce a smooth edge. The results can be seen below. Also I do not have any sandpaper and neither do I have any shops near my house which supply it! Can I ask you all how you cut your pieces? Answer fast. Best answer gets a cookie! Lol. 

Picture of How Do You Cut Your Piece??
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Hiyadudez3 years ago
Use wire cutters. They slice through them insanely easily.
Akshat my guess is that you are from India(coz i am too from there),if so
ask your dad where the paint store is at......they mostly have sandpapers(get the sandpaper to smoothen the edges)
I'd start by not cutting the pieces and end with not cutting em. :)
I always use a bush trimmer or something of the sort, and if my cut is not straight, I go out to my concrete patio and grind it down.
TheRacker3 years ago
I used a hacksaw and didn't have a seizure while cutting it. Nice straight lines.
Sorry... Can't help you there. The only way I get broken pieces is by accident. :( I've never needed them...
am I the only one who uses a band saw?
didexo3 years ago
I use pliers, then sand it down.
caitlinsdad3 years ago
I think most people with tools would use a hot knife. If you don't have an electric soldering iron type hot knife, just heat up a utility knife blade with a lighter or flame and it goes through it like butter.
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