How Do You Start Collections?

How do you start collections? I want to make a collection, but I can't see a button to start it. There isn't much more to say........

Yonatan2411 months ago

It's near the favorite button, on the top.

random_builder (author)  Yonatan2411 months ago

Oh, I found it now. Thanks!

Downunder35m11 months ago

Last time I did it it went like this:
Start a new collection, add existing Instructables to it, sort if required and post an image and some meaningful text for the description.
When clicking on publish I got a preview and from there I could click on "Yes, publish my...."

random_builder (author)  Downunder35m11 months ago

That wasn't my question. I was wondering how to start collections. I don't see a button anywhere that would start it.