How Does Instructables Rate?

. Ran across 15 Tools for Monitoring a Website's Popularity and decided to see how Instructables rates.
. Yahoo Site Explorer
Pages: 36,421,151. Inlinks:3,028,851

. Compete
Number of people visiting site: 31,825,476; 1,161,213

. Quantcast
The people who visit are also likely to visit these categories and sites:, Engadget, ars technica, Gizmodo,,, New Scientist,,, Popular Science, Wired Magazine
Monthly Traffic: Global 3.2M; US 2.0M

. Alexa
Rank: 1971. Linking In: 7,391

. Socialmeter
Socialmeter score: 42,877

. Quarkbase
28055 bookmarks at Delicious
2259 pages posted on Digg
340 pages posted on Reddit
947 page references from Yahoo! Answers
39746 blog reactions from Technorati

. Statbrain
530,226 visits per day

. Cubestat
Website Worth: $1,310,664.63
Daily Pageviews: 598,477
Daily Ads Revenue: $1,795.43

. WebsiteOutlook
Net Worth : $1.22 Million
Daily Pageview : 557244
Daily Ads Revenue : $1674.38

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Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Holy cow! Instructables is worth: $1,310,664.63. Sweet! 2008.
Yeah. I wonder what it's worth now.
Not that much more, actually.  About 300k gain in the last two years. :\
Oh. Cool! Thanks!
Doctor What9 years ago
Isn't quantcast missing a biggie, MAKE?
budgie1199 years ago
quick question... what would you do if u saw a banana peeling a monkey? *rubs chin thoughtfully*
gmjhowe9 years ago
I suggest adding some stats to the topic, to save people having to click all those links!
NachoMahma (author)  gmjhowe9 years ago
. Happy? :)
yes much better!