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tired7772 years ago

I don't use Google Translate much because it tends to translate word for word, and you can't do that when switching from one language to another, especially when their grammatical structures are totally different. Also if you leave out accents, it will give you a completely incorrect translation because the program is accent-sensitive. It won't recognize the word you want without the proper accents. Sometimes I can find a difficult to locate vocabulary word to make sense of a certain context such as the lyrics of a son though. I could look up the word in ten dictionaries, but not find the right context to match the song. I managed to find it on GT--the exact meaning I needed to make sense of the song.

alikazmi2 years ago

We can simply communicate with other foreign people, due to Google, I love this product, About its working, this product is still in maintenance, Several words are others language google don't provide for all translation.

Cecilia A2 years ago

Although Google Translate sometimes make grammatical errors or doesn't translate properly, and the correct translation rate is about 70-80 percent. Sometimes you've to guess to extract the real meaning of the sentence.

starforest2 years ago

Google Translate works pretty well for translating most languages except for Latin. Try translating veni, vidi, vici. It comes up with gibberish.

Google Translate has allowed me to communicate with others all around the world, through games and IRC chats. isnt it AWESOME?

8hihi83 years ago


JustinM13 years ago

google translate has been really useful. whenever people try to search about translations and they don't have someone fluent of that language, most of them go to google. Very helpful

Jack894 years ago
Recently, I also often use Google translate, easy to use
rimar2000 (author)  Jack894 years ago
Yes, it is very good, but beware, you must know a bit the resulting language. Sometimes it says the opposite that you want mean.
zincsulfate4 years ago
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