How Instructables Hooked Me Up

Has posting a project on Instructables and being a member of our community helped you nail an interview / get your dream job / propose to your partner /  get an A on a school project / muster up the courage to ask someone out??

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mcocean2 years ago
M.C. Langer2 years ago

Even when I got a Bachelor's Degree in Naval Sciences in Colombia, I was trapped in security management related jobs because my military career. I wanted so bad to be a maker and being involved in science, but I didn't have any opportunity! Then, in a bad moment of my life, I found Instructables. Publishing my projects in this site helped me to keep focused, to have a methodology, to challenge myself and create things beyond my skills, to create a portfolio and to practice and improve my English. After several projects and being Featured Author, I had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco and become an Artist in Residence on Instructables! I met the team (and my fellow AIR Tim Wikander) and I worked in the fantastic Pier 9! Even I had the opportunity to go to Maker Faire, meet the Mythbusters (my idols! And I met them TWICE) and visit Pixar! I learnt a lot from the Instructables and Autodesk team, specially from Randy (the best robotics expert I know) and Steve (he taught me how to use a 3D printer). Thanks to that experience, I had a new, refreshed and different view of the world!

When my residence finished, I was so sorry and sad of leaving my friends in Instructables, Pier 9 and San Francisco. But when I returned to Colombia, thanks to my experience in Pier 9 I got a job in Miguel Caballero, the best bulletproof clothes and body armors factory in the world, where they use to shoot everyone to test the products! Even I was shot:

After that, the Azerbaijan Government call me for an exhibition of my works with upcycled material. And in this country I found the real love of my life, Parvin! So we got married. And thanks to my portfolio on Instructables and my experience in Pier 9, now I'm the Technology Program Manager and Robotics teacher in Engineering for Kids Azerbaijan!

Thanks Instructables! Thanks Autodesk! Hope to meet you again

wow instructables really has changed you life!

Yes, that's right! :-)

You are AWESOME Mario!

No, you are AWESOME, BRO!

And aaaaaaaaa.... I always...

CobyUnger2 years ago

My first Instructable was part of an extended job interview process (not for Instructables), that I ended up not getting. About few weeks later I heard though a mutual friend that Timwikander was spending a few months as an artist in residence. This sounded like an absolute dream, and soon I was on the phone with NoahW for an interview. He invited me out to SF for a residency and the rest is history. My residency project got published in magazines and blogs and landed me a job on the Instructables design studio (which I somewhat foolishly gave up after a few months in heaven, er Pier 9 (please hire me back some day Randofo)). Most recently I had the opportunity to present the prosthetic arm I built at Pier 9 for an audience at the White House for the kickoff of the National Week of Making. I have long considered Instructables to be the best website on the internet for anyone who wants to make anything, including a bright future for themselves (and hopefully for others as well). Thank you for your constant support.

Well, I still have a laminated Robot taped to the rear window of my car. This site and its community left a lasting impression on me and I'll always remember it fondly. While I can't pinpoint an exact 'hook up' moment, I can say without a doubt that Instructables played a major role in making me the person I am today. You're all great people and I've had some good times here. Every day was an adventure: discovering new projects, forming new hobbies, friendly chats with creative folk of all walks of life. Yup, I'd say Instructables was pretty important to the growth of my character. That's got to be somewhat responsible for landing a job or achieving personal goals, eh? :)

instructables allowed me to find my love for... Instructables!

Kiteman2 years ago

Being part of Instructables has really improved my life - being a Maker is a wonderful stress reliever, I have used my Instructables portfolio in several interviews with success, demonstrating my creativity and ability to communicate complex
tasks effectively.

Not just that, I got a chance to be an AiR (unfortunately, I missed out on getting to Pier 9), which gave me a much broader perspective of the Maker community, and inspired me to get my act together, buy a laser cutter, and start my own small business.

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