"How Many" Contest #3. Win a patch! =WINNERS ANNOUNCED=

First of all, yeah, it's not really Knex. But this is one of the most popular sections, and this is where I posted the last two.


Anyway, there are 2 ways to win.

1) Guess closest to the actual amount of rubberbands. Winner: cj81499
2) Guess how the amount of rubberbands relates to my 'ibles account. Winner: Nobody (Sorry)
The actual relation between the amount of rubberbands and my 'ibles account is that I joined 3/05/09 (March 8, 2009) and 3+5+9 =17.
Note: You can only win once.
knex gun builder: 25. No relation guess.

Kairah: 19. Wrong relation.

chopstx: 18. Wrong relation.

Killer~SafeCracker: 9. Wrong relation.

Shadowman39: 22. No relation.

Rock Soldier: 3. No relation.

shadowninja31: 15. No relation.

knexfan9182: 25. Wrong relation.

DJ Radio: 20. Wrong relation.

knex_builder_freak: 16. No relation.

Hiyadudez: 18. Wrong relation.

cool bas3: 21. Wrong relation.

smilee: 28. No relation.

cj81499: 17. Wrong relation.

Kinetic: 23. No relation.

knex_pls: 84,340. (LOL) No relation.

Seleziona: 36. No relation.

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Wait, "wrong relation" as in, there is a relation? Or as in, they used a relation, even though there isn't one, so anyone they picked is wrong?
travw (author)  Rock Soldier7 years ago
Wrong relation- As in, they guessed how the amount of rubberbands relates to my account, but their guess was wrong.
DJ Radio travw7 years ago
what WAS the relation?
travw (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Oh, forgot to put that in there. I'll do that now.
pls7 years ago
Seleziona pls7 years ago
you are the closest! You win a slap!
Shadowman39 pls7 years ago
travw (author) 7 years ago
chopstx7 years ago

You have 18 subscribers?
Kairah chopstx7 years ago

The number of your subscribers. :P
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