How NOT to Secure Your Ride

It's good to learn about the best way to keep your ride secure. The only time I've had anything stolen from my bike in several years in San Francisco was because I was lazy and didn't lock up my wheels with a cable. I figured that they were crappy wheels and weren't worth much, but he replacement cost for a new set sucked and they never rode as well as the first. Live and learn.

Speaking of which, here are some great locking mistakes that mostly apply to cars. I wonder where these are from because I've never seen anyone do stuff like this in the States ever.

15 Strange Moments In Anti-Theft
via Neatorama

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Flumpkins9 years ago
Bran9 years ago
That link on the topic is a tad NSFW, but I could be wrong.
Whats NSFW??
not safe for work
took me a second to get the picture, but i've seen that once when someone took my scooter and i decided to get a thin bike chain and well, you know what happened.
=SMART=9 years ago
most of those look like their from eastern europe !
Brennn109 years ago
I read this on Digg last night. Some tactics were a little out there.
Kaiven9 years ago
One comedian said: Oh, I know people take the seats off so no one will steal their bike, but I weld mine on. Yeah, so the thief has to be my size or else they can't use the seat. And then people lock there tires, but I just unbolt it and leave it on the frame. When they start riding, the wheel rolls off. I thought it was funny when I heard it xD
bumpus9 years ago
fungus amungus (author)  bumpus9 years ago
Shouldn't that be on the fail blog instead?
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