Im going to start an instructable collaboration on how to make money, it will be geared towards kids and teenagers, people who cant/dont-want-to go get a job. Parts will be general money making ideas and some more specific to the summer months, And try to suggest creative ideas to instead of the average babysit, dog-walk and lawn mow. I am looking for some collaborators, so if you want to help out post a comment below and share some ideas. in about 3 days ill choose around 4-5 people to help! I hope there is some interest beacuse lots of kids ask these questions, hopefully it will be great ! Thanks, SMART

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acaz939 years ago
Make Easy money selling cold drinks to pedestrians . little inversion . BIG PROFIT
acaz93 acaz939 years ago
oh , and a small question , do someone know how to make the letter big and small ? ,you know for some comments
=SMART= (author)  acaz939 years ago
yea you put an = sign on etither side of the word/sentence to want to be big
so it makes


acaz93 =SMART=9 years ago
ok , thanks

.little invertion. =BIG PROFIT=
=SMART= (author)  acaz939 years ago
no the large letters have to be on a diffrent line

=like this?

acaz93 =SMART=9 years ago
Rishnai =SMART=9 years ago
So something ==like this?== Except on a new


acaz93 Rishnai9 years ago
Yeah and scoring is adding 2 "~" to each side ~~LIKE THIS~~
Rishnai acaz939 years ago
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