How To avoid being rickrolled&how to get out of it!

Part 1 Avoidance)
1)Read the Posts after the link was posted most people will warn you.
2)Watch out for Link Formatting

Http:// = Good

Super awesome website = Danger

3)Browsers are your friend

If you scroll your mouse over a link DON'T Click In the bottom corner it will show the address of the website. If it's Http://Exameple It's okay

Http:// Don't click smartypants

Part 2)How to escape

1)On windows Press CONTROL+ ALT+DELETE and close your Internet from the Task manager

2)Some rickroll sites are ok and will let you go. <-- REAL RICKROLL Site to escape click on the browser. (But you Get A lyrics popup)

3)Restart your computer

4)close it from the bottom of your screen

5)On windows ALT+ F4 Closes All Windows open.

I know most of this is common sense but i hope it helps :3

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xACIDITYx8 years ago
A quicker way to quit the browser, is to do "Alt+Ctrl+Delete" or right click on the taskbar and hit "task manager", then go to the "processes" tab. If running firefox, kill "firefox.exe"; If running IE, kill "iexplore.exe", and others should be basically self-explanatory. The only one that _really_ confused me was IExplore.exe at first.
*When running windows.
spiritwolf7984 (author)  Lithium Rain8 years ago
Or you could press ALT+F4 I sometimes have to kill Firefox.exe when it starts being weird
Ctrl+W if youre in Firefox, Safari, or Opera if you have multiple tabs open and dont want to lose them.
spiritwolf7984 (author)  REA8 years ago
You Don't have to worry unless your filling out a Government form or something you can just open your history :D
>you can just open your history

but for some, they dont like having a history (like me).
Shagglepuff8 years ago
Just use google chrome. If the site tries to do the lyrics popup thing, google chrome will give you the option to escape the site. And when I tried to go to, google chrome gave me a malware warning page! And also, google chrome uses a new process for each tab so you can kill only one tab through Task Manager.
Rotten1948 years ago
If running Firefox with multiple tabs, Ctrl+Alt+Del it (on windows). Then, open it up again, and it should give you the option to continue your last session, opening it up exactly like it was. While the Rickroll site is loading, close that tab.
ItsTheHobbs8 years ago
That 1227 one is fun! I'm going to send it to people now...
will4218 years ago
You forgot number 6 of how to escape rickrolls: If the site moves the window around, from the bottom of your screen, click Maximize then quickly click the tab`s X button.
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