How Would I Make A Light-Proof Air Vent, Please?

Hi - thanks for stopping by. I am in the process of making a dark-room for my photography. It is stuffy in there and I have an air-vent which lets in light. I would like to make a cardboard box (or something) that I can put over the air-vent so that air can flow freely but will still not allow light to venture through. I would appreciate anyone with any ideas please ;-) regards Kevin

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Cybershot9 months ago

Make an S shape with ducting and paint the inside flat black

Gorfram8 years ago
Lemonie beat me to the baffles (wow - what a great sentence to get to write :), but you might be able to enhance/augment them with some sort of sheer black gauze. I think this is used for blocking light in theatre sets and so forth - you might check theatrical supply houses for the gauze and possibly for other light-blocking ideas/gizmos. I'm assuming that the technique most commonly used for blocking light from darkroom doors and vents - a entrance vestibule that is kept dark (not darkroom dark, but normal dark) - is not practical here.
kevinhannan (author)  Gorfram8 years ago
Hey Gorfram! Thanks! It's a valuable thought - thanks for your time to write! I've given you the (unofficial) Best Supporting Answer! lol! Hope you're well, see you around! Kev
Thanks for the Best Supporting Answer Award. :)
("I'd like to thank all the little 1's and 0's...")

Was avoiding doing any proper work today by googling around today trying to find the proper name for the sheer black gauze (it might be "breathable blackout fabric") and happed across this: Lightproof Air Ventilator. I wouldn't take any of the guy's wildly emphatic health claims at face value, but I think his double-PVC-pipe-sink-trap vent might just work (and if so, it's right up your budgetary alley).
kevinhannan (author)  Gorfram8 years ago
That is simply brilliant, Gorfram, thank you! Just in time too, as thisproject is now underway! Please acceptmy apologies for bad spelling, usually I am quite a spelling and grammar stickler but my main laptop broke and this tiny replacment has a small 7 inch screen and tiny keyboard. Sorry! Many, many thanks for your input. I think I'm going to put your profile picture on the face of my sun box!
Aw, shucks... :) :) :)
(Just think, I'll have achieved international fame :)

I'm just glad to have stumbled across the double U-ie (not to be confused with any past US Presidents) pipe vent thingo, and that it might work to solve the problem for you.

Not to worry about typos - whenever my Inner Stickler starts getting all worked up I try to remind her to Let She Who Never Mkakes Any Typos, None Ever At All., Cast The Fiorst Stoine.
lemonie8 years ago
You need a set of baffles, like this (red is the cardboard) L
kevinhannan (author)  lemonie8 years ago
wow! thanks lemonie! you've been busy! I really appreciate your comments and I'll be following this idea. Thanks again, may your spanners keep turnin'!
It didn't take that long, but sometimes a diagram is nice. I've been "busy" over here:

kevinhannan (author)  lemonie8 years ago
I looked at the link, and it looks like great fun! I'll have to set some time aside for this! regards Kevin
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