How are we supposed to search for anything??

I've realised - you can only search for projects!

The new form of search returns no results for forum topics, questions or members.

That's quite an oversight.

Any chance of a fix?

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mikeasaurus4 years ago
Thanks for bringing this up. As someone who uses the search for forum topics all the time this is one of the first things I noticed, too. The search bar will be getting some attention in upcoming releases.
You would think that on a site with in excess of 100,000 projects encompassing pretty much anything that can be made by mortal man woman or child a fully functioning search facility would be a little higher up the FIX IT list than "getting some attention in upcoming releases".
I think he meant "We are still trying to gather up all of the leftover Easter/Passover candy in an attempt to be able coerce a somewhat competent programmer to work on the problem."
I always found the promise of copious quantities of real ale & a plate of smoked bacon & Stilton toasties worked well on programmers ;-)
Is 'real pale ale" like "really pale ale" or is to differentiate between 'somewhat pale ale' and 'colorful pale ale'. I'm not trying to be funny, I really want to know. Is there a 'whiter shade of pale ale'? Are there fake pale ales out there and 'real pale ale' is the name of the authentic pale ale?
It really depends on what brewery it comes from. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter ale is all about aroma & flavour, colour is important but not nearly as important as some would think.
As a landlord I worked for many years ago who knew more about real ale than anyone I have met before or since said "you don't drink with your eyes". To prove it we sold this every Spring.
Kiteman (author)  Nostalgic Guy4 years ago
Good grief - what ingredient did that??
I've been told they originally they used pistachio shells but that carried far too many risks so they bent the rules a little & found a chemical free food colouring.
It may look like something more akin to mouthwash but it's actually a very nice pint, it really got across the point that you don't drink with your eyes quite well to :-)
Kiteman (author)  Ninzerbean4 years ago
A"real" ale has not been pasteurised, and thus retains all the subtle flavours imparted by the choices of malts and hops, and even the water.

Barrels of real ale must be drunk within 7 days of opening, whereas a pasteurised "keg" ale will remain [allegedly] drinkable for 7-8 weeks after opening.

"Pale" ales are just that, pale in colour, having not been toasted as much as, say, a "chocolate" malt. They tend to be lighter on the palate, and more suited (IMO) to drinking on a hot day or after a day of hard labour.
Thank you and cheers, I love ale.
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