How best to make a base for a K'NEX war

This is about how best to make and setup a base for a K'NEX war. This includes where, how and with what to do it. Post all your tips and have fun! I hope that this helped.

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Rotten1948 years ago
I made a few tiny turrets that would be perfect for this.... But I cant find them. Ill post some pictures if i find them, they would go well in the V's of that fort.
Oblivitus8 years ago
I have an idea, make a k'nex shield that mounts in a window with a hole to stick a gun out.
Cool. Good idea.
DJ Radio8 years ago
all your base are belong to us! Just kidding, but I would like the extra knex.
Wicky8 years ago
Make a frame out of knex and make the rest from cardboard, so it looks like a fort. Then you would assault it..and use the bigger weapons to shoot holes in it..might hurt the opposing team though xd
The Jamalam9 years ago
actually build an entire structure from knex. ask darth trainman lol
gpcsmith2 (author) 9 years ago
One of the easiest things to do is also probably the first that you would want to do. You need to find where you are going to put it. One of the best places to start is in a room. Pick a room that you would like and bring all your small guns in. Set them up near the door. Pointing out the door of course =).