How can I create a "C-string" using a cup protector? (because it's underwear, maybe NSFW)

We would like to create our own "C-String". We already have a cup protector (athletes use this). Is there a way to make something so that the cup protector stays on despite gravity, or despite "size/volume changes"? (It's for a male).

The person wearing this will be lying down. Thus, whatever we make the "String" out of (the part that loops around to the buttucks area) has to be comfortable.

Perhaps there's a way to make use of the 3 breathing holes on the cup. ...

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Kiteman4 years ago
(Dang, I've just had a weird 5 minutes on google...)

The "C" will be a shaped plastic strip, covered in fabric. I guess you could cut a strip of thermo plastic & shape it with a heat gun?

The cup you have, though, will not cope with volume changes. You need a rigid frame that supports a more elastic fabric pouch, like a fishing net.

You can buy male versions, apparently...

(What a peculiar project)
makerobot (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
To add to my last comment...
You are right that there are male versions for sale. And they are made of an elastic fabric pouch (like regular clothing material). But as mentioned in our previous post, a cup protector just works fine. In fact, we prefer a hard material (the cup) over soft fabric pouches.

You said, the person wearing it would be lying down, this would mean there is no need for fancy attachments or strings.

If the touching surface of the cup is not made from soft fabric but plastic it would be quite easy to use glue for facial masks or hair pieces to hold the cup in place.

Those glues can be strong enough to prevent accidential loss of the cup as well as hiding those moments of pure male exitement we might want to prevent.

If the use of those glues is not an option I would consider the use soft silicone on the touching surfaces of the cup to assist in added friction.

To fix such a cup in place safely you would still need a three way fixing point.

Maybe those "invisible" clear straps used on fancy bra's are an option as they are also semi-flexible and prevent slipping.

makerobot (author)  Downunder35m3 years ago

Hi, DownUnder35. The touching surface is not made of fabric. It's made of some soft rubbery thing.

The glue you're talking about ... is it strong enough to stay on, but with the ability to come off when we want?

re: Silicone.

I don't think I understood what you wrote.

Would bra straps not be in the way? I want the legs and navel area (the area above the protector/shield) to be free of straps. What I like about the "C-string" design is that the thing goes down towards anus and up towards the person's posterior. This means the C-String is not in the way.

crapflinger3 years ago

i don't think there is an effective method of getting the proper "clamping force" in such a way that the cup would be uniformly compressed to the "area". you'll get quite a bit of clamping force at the bottom (if you design the wire/whatever in the same way as the pictures above) but not much elsewhere on the cup. maybe if the armature were pressing in the center of the cup on the front.

I'm sure this is going to get interesting but.....what exactly are you trying to achieve here? like, what's the desired outcome here? something that someone could wear around? you said the "subject" would be lying down...why does it need to be a c-string...wouldn't modifying a jock strap (athletic supporter....designed to hold a cup) be sufficient?

makerobot (author)  crapflinger3 years ago


You asked a very good question.

This project is for massage. The cup has advantages:

1. It keeps hidden from sight the private part.

2. It keeps hidden any size changes.

3. Because of the hard plastic shell, it prevents any, "Sorry for accidentally touching your private part" incidents (whether these are really accidents or not).

4. And if I can keep the shell clamped down, then the shell will me immovable (unlike if I use a blanket or drape).

The reason why I thought of using a "C-String" and not a jock strap is that a jock strap will get in the way of the massage.

I can't speak to the laws in whatever jurisdiction you operate in, but I know that where I'm at, if you're doing a massage in places that would be inhibited by a jockstrap or other thong type're going to find yourself on the wrong end of a fine from the local inspector's office.
makerobot (author)  crapflinger3 years ago

I answered your question, thinking that you would help me find a solution to my problem. The problem is not with laws.

well, the answer is, that if you're wanting to use a cup, as a "genital containment device" then one should logically use a jock strap (even if you have to modify it some to thin it out) as the cup containment device. any massage that I can think of that a jock strap would get in the way of should also be impeded by a cup covering the subject's genitals.

I would assume, though, that the straps would be obstructions in the same way as bra straps.

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