How can I create a "C-string" using a cup protector? (because it's underwear, maybe NSFW)

We would like to create our own "C-String". We already have a cup protector (athletes use this). Is there a way to make something so that the cup protector stays on despite gravity, or despite "size/volume changes"? (It's for a male).

The person wearing this will be lying down. Thus, whatever we make the "String" out of (the part that loops around to the buttucks area) has to be comfortable.

Perhaps there's a way to make use of the 3 breathing holes on the cup. ...

Kiteman1 year ago
(Dang, I've just had a weird 5 minutes on google...)

The "C" will be a shaped plastic strip, covered in fabric. I guess you could cut a strip of thermo plastic & shape it with a heat gun?

The cup you have, though, will not cope with volume changes. You need a rigid frame that supports a more elastic fabric pouch, like a fishing net.

You can buy male versions, apparently...

(What a peculiar project)
makerobot (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
To add to my last comment...
You are right that there are male versions for sale. And they are made of an elastic fabric pouch (like regular clothing material). But as mentioned in our previous post, a cup protector just works fine. In fact, we prefer a hard material (the cup) over soft fabric pouches.
makerobot (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

Thank you for your reply.

In some other places online, I'm reading that the "c" is wire,

Some reviews say that the grabbing/clamping power is good when newly purchased, but gets weaker the more you wear it.

We have a GPS mount in our car (RAM brand) . It's great because no matter how much you take it on and off the windshield, the sticking (suction) power will always be 100%. That got me thinking. We don't have to have an exact replica of the C-Cup. We could make one that improves upon the flaw (weaking clamping power over time). So now I'm wondering what we could use/make.

You said that the cup will not cope with volume changes. Not sure what makes you say that. We were experimenting with just the cup. And it does stay on him despite an increase in "blood flow". The secret was that we had to apply pressure on the cup (pressing towards the body). So what can we use to replace human hands?
makerobot (author) 1 year ago has a list of various thermoplastics. Maybe I should print that page out and bring it to the store.

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