How can I generate electricity from a spinning wheel?

How can I turn the spinning of a small wheel/gear into electricity and then subsequently charge a battery with it??

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JamesD3201 year ago

I have done just that on a large scale , I have created a wheel generator that only captures kinetic energy when vehicle system has a velocity over 30mph or 50kph. 1/2mv2 = for 10,000lb suv at 30mph = 44ft/sec or 13.3 m/sec for the us system

this means 5,000 pounds x 44ft/sec x 44ft/sec = 5,280,000 poundals ft seconds and multiply that by 0.0421 to convert to watts is 497 kw

but at highway speeds of 60 mph this number for the 10000lb SUV 38,720,000 poundal ft x 0.0421 = 1,6 MW of stored kinetic energy.

So at highway speeds and multiple 12vdc alternator with built in IVR's internal voltage regulators. I have been able to capture 28Kw the extra rolling drag is 28,000 / 1,600,000 watts 1.7% extra drag so if it took 20Kw vdc to power electric vehicle. it would not be linear drag it would be 28,000watts - (20,000wtsx 1.7%) = net gain of 27, 660 watts in kinetic energy harvest . now at lower velocities it is less efficient at the 30 mph speed the percentage of extra drag 28,000 watts/ 497,000 watts = 5.6% drag from wheel generator 20,000 - (20,000 x 5.6%) = 1,120 wawatts needed

we have powered mobile trailer refrigeration doing this. see

wheel genset.png
BhimeshP1 year ago

A dc motor can be used as a generator. You may need to regulate the output voltage to prevent overvolting the battery. This could be done with a regulator, or by controlling wheel speed

Someone recently told me a boy aged 13 is creating a something that is applied to a car to create electrical output to a car battery and other devices in your car.

Why ?

Cars already come with an alternator that does all of that

epicTCK iceng2 years ago


AndrewB1282 years ago

I would also like to know how to make a simple one... I figured i would get it to go by using magnets... And the spinning would generate electricity to power a minor electric using conveinece

AndrewB1282 years ago

i think he is asking for a step by step process on how to get it to create electricity... Im curious about it too and do not know about this subject

Testicus2 years ago

it depends on how large the battery is. but you point out in your question that the wheel/gear is "small," so, don't expect your battery to be charged very quickly unless that small wheel/gear is spinning like a mutha-effer...

-max-2 years ago

Use a dymano. You can find good old ones at antiue shops.

hey its easy, hust you need is a long copper wire, simple wires, blub that glows, high powered magnets......and a piece of metal too

bing the copper wire on a piece of cuboidal or cylendrical metal piece, bind two ends if wire to a blub, take high powered magnet and move magnet around the solenoid (piece of metal binded with copper), you will see that blub is glowing,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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