How can I get a Free Pro Membership?

I'm new to . I actually found this site from totusmel blog while looking for tatting patterns. I am new to tatting and am looking for patterns to learn and try out.

Specifically, I am searching for tatted jewelry patterns to make my niece jewelry for her senior prom in April. Their theme is Great Gatsby and tatting would make great accessories for her!! It's a special project since it's her senior year!!! :) I can't believe she's a senior!

I'm not sure how much I would use the site and I have a very limited income (disability), so I'm trying to find a free code to be able to try out the site and see how much I would actually use it. I have seen several posts where people said they got free pro memberships from posting instructables. I don't have any instructables that I created and really have no idea what I would make one about. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get a pro membership free. Is there anyone who can help me out?
Thanks for any help and consideration.

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DiyWaterDog2 months ago

Earn FREE memberships. Write and post a featured Instructable. You get 3 months free after posting an ible that moderators feel worthy of being FEATURED. I have several years of free membership codes.

Do you still have your Pro membership?

yes. I earned a 3 month with the first instructable I posted . Since then I have earned many 3 month and 1 year membership s. I have accumulated several years of membership. Have never had to pay fees.

Ohh that's just great.

Could you help me with something ?

possibly. How can I help?

hello can you help me with something? i don't have a premiu acount and not much free time or money to spare, so can you please download a pdf file and send it to me on messenger or email the file link is here:

if you can please text me at Pascut Bogdan on facebook the link also here:

I have sent you a message

Do check your inbox when you're free

nothing in my inbox

But I have messaged you and it's showing in my sent box.
See the screenshot attached

super_me1 month ago

yes if you make an instructable that gets featured, or if you win a contest, you could get a free member ship. Some times the moderators/admins may just give you a free one that may show up in your email. But that's if you have made a few instructables...

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