How can I get a Free Pro Membership?

I'm new to . I actually found this site from totusmel blog while looking for tatting patterns. I am new to tatting and am looking for patterns to learn and try out.

Specifically, I am searching for tatted jewelry patterns to make my niece jewelry for her senior prom in April. Their theme is Great Gatsby and tatting would make great accessories for her!! It's a special project since it's her senior year!!! :) I can't believe she's a senior!

I'm not sure how much I would use the site and I have a very limited income (disability), so I'm trying to find a free code to be able to try out the site and see how much I would actually use it. I have seen several posts where people said they got free pro memberships from posting instructables. I don't have any instructables that I created and really have no idea what I would make one about. It would be greatly appreciated if I could get a pro membership free. Is there anyone who can help me out?
Thanks for any help and consideration.

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DiyWaterDog1 month ago

Earn FREE memberships. Write and post a featured Instructable. You get 3 months free after posting an ible that moderators feel worthy of being FEATURED. I have several years of free membership codes.

Do you still have your Pro membership?

yes. I earned a 3 month with the first instructable I posted . Since then I have earned many 3 month and 1 year membership s. I have accumulated several years of membership. Have never had to pay fees.

Ohh that's just great.

Could you help me with something ?

possibly. How can I help?

I have sent you a message

Do check your inbox when you're free

nothing in my inbox

But I have messaged you and it's showing in my sent box.
See the screenshot attached


I'm joined this instructables forums posting site on right now. And first question arise in my mind, how to start and get free pro membership. As well as this topic place on top when i start or open my instructables account.

TomL2002 months ago

You can go to the inatructable you want, make sure to scroll down to see that all the photos and information has shown. Then if using a phone or tablet on Chrome browser then cluck the 3 dots at the top right hand corner, then tap on share. After that a screen should appear and please select your printer plugin. Get one from the play store if you do not have one as of yet. Once you tap the printer app it should give you a choice of where to print. Then select pdf and it should pop up a screen where to save it to. I use sd card. Once you tap save, then you are all done. If you need instructions for pc, or help please let me know. I will be glad to assist in any way i can.

Tom L

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