How can I get my dog to stop scratching himself?

My dog Scooby has been scratching himself a lot lately. We put flea stuff on him but it didn't really help. Usually he scratches the same spots so he gets sores. I don't know what to do about it and it must really be uncomfortable. What can I do?

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LucindiaR2 years ago

I know this is an old thread but in case some is searching . It could be thier dog food. I switched mine to science diet sensitive skin and stomach and it was like a week later and he no longer itched him self raw or got ear infections. The vet can give some nice shampoo tho that really seemed to help , all the OTC anti-itch/hotspot never worked. I tried DIY shampoos and treatment with no luck. No human food either , unless you can figure out the allergy . I would love to pinpoint my dogs allergy. Last time I gave him boiled chicken and rice he blew his butt everywhere. I do mean everywhere. My orger dog got in the trash tho and my allergy pup got in on that and it was all over again . Now I just have put a cone on his head and try to find temp relief for him like benedryl -sigh-. Oh dog chow food worked too . It's cheap food but I've given him all sorts of high quality food with no luck besides science diet sensitive skin and stomach .

Anyways I wish I could find a better limited ingredient diet for him :/ he has a ruff life lol. Good luck to talk hope it helped. My vet just wanted to leave him on meds and topical a forever . So I fixed the problem.

BurbujaB2 years ago

Here's my baby...

Baby Achilles.JPG
BurbujaB2 years ago

I have a 4 month red nose as well "Achilles", and he is being treated for Dermodetic mange. He completed a 20 day Chephlexin and a bath every 2/3 days with Johnson's baby chamomile shampoo to sooth the itching. He gets wiped down from head to tail with a clean wash cloth every time he goes outside. Also I give him either 12.5 mg of benadryl children's chew-able or 5mg of Zyrtec every 12 hours. My husband feels I am over medicating but he still scratches and he has a few bald spots. My most recent purchase is "organic" apple cider vinegar shampoo for pets to see if that helps. In addition to all of this I have spent over 600$ in veterinary expenses between visits, medication and supplies. Will this end and is there anything else I can do to make him feel better. Oh and did I mention he's TEETHING!!!!

SueLHP2 years ago

We have an itchy Shih-Tzu who is severely allergic to fleas. Our vet put him on two flea pills; Trifexis once a month and then a different flea preventative two weeks after that. We also wash him every other week with gentle flea shampoo. First we had to get ride of the skin infection from fleas, with antibiotic treatment, but he's lots better now, and not chewing himself bloody anymore. If he smells like old nasty corn chips, our vet said the smell is from infection.

I think he is suffering from any kind of skin allergies. you can use Dermagic dog allergy shampoo, its a best shampoo for pet skin care.

Toga_Dan2 years ago

he may be itchy because he scratched.

interupt his scratching, and rub that spot. dont use your claws.

it's like telling a kid "Dont pick that Scab!! it will never heal if you pick at it."

Lftndbt9 years ago
My puppy has a very short coat and she gets terrible rashes/welts/sore's.. She seems to be hyper allergic to anything..... dust,grass,mites,dryskin,heat etc... creams seems to make it worse even the steriodale one's... We are now using human antehistamine's, but only as a last resort... She is very well maintained and is treated like a person... It kills me to come home with her covered in blood because she has scratched herself to bit's... When she has a reaction now, either my g/f or myself takes a couple of days of work tell she's over it.... Just to stop her scratching.... And yes we have been to many vet's... And tried MANY costly remedies... There doesn't seem to be any one trigger, just combinations etc... Just incase you were interested..... She's a 2 year old Rednose American Pitbull.... Runt of the litter, and does not have a mean bone in her body... Well except if someone tried to touch me or my g/f... Unfortunatley Pitbulls as you may know have been restricted and NO more sales,breeding or given the dogs away is permitted.... She was bought 2 weeks before the deadline ban... Making her one of the last purebread rednose pitbulls born in Australia... No more ever.... sad... :(
I hate a pit bull as well only four months old. and he has been bitting himself and scrathing for days. I gave him benadryl and that didnt work either. Our dog is sooo sweet also I just hate to see him hurtinh. We have called the Vet this morning.....
PB's are known for incredible cases of teenagitist. If your dog is young it is going through normal changes. My dog in the last year has become alot less allergic.... She now gets fed rice and chicken, they have bad bad bad reactions to store bought food also. Let me know how it goes I can probably be of more assistance.
Thanks for replying. We took our dog to the vet yesterday. There is more to the story we let a lady take him for 10 days to trian him. And well lets say we will be filling a report because she used a pinch collar and tore his poor neck up !! And he has little sores all over him. They put him on Chephlexin and Temiril - p I think thats spelled close. We feel so bad for him because he has never been ugly to anyone. Yesterday was the first time he barked when someone was at the door even.
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