How can I make a microphone less sensitive?

I have these microphones for a project I am working on, but they are much too sensitive. Can I put some resistors with them to make them not so sensitive? I basically want them to record only what they are aimed at.

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guyfrom7up9 years ago
maybe putting a resistor in parallel with it would work,
probably not, that would just make it quite-er not reduce ambient sounds, maybe get an inductor in series with the mic
Use two resistors to attenuate an audio signal, so they form a voltage divider. That wouldn't make the mic unidirectional, tho...
Sandisk1duo9 years ago
What i would do, is get masking tape, and tape the little holes, that would definatly decreas sensitivity, but i don't know about direction :~)
Big Bwana9 years ago
just put it in a plastic pipe like 1 1/2 inch ABS about three inches long and it will become very directional
dezyre79 years ago
There is a microphone called "Shotgun Mic" which records what it's directed at
NachoMahma9 years ago
> I basically want them to record only what they are aimed at. . You need a directional mic for that.
Goodhart9 years ago
I had some old rubber pieces that went to the old OLD phone line modems that required one to dial the phone and then place the hand set onto the transceiver. Those rubber pieces were meant to keep ambient sound away from the phone handset. Well, I took one of them, made a bigger hole in it, and placed the mic through the hole a little ways (facing into the cup from the back), so a little cone like area was created in front of the mic. This made the mic VERY directional, which is what is sounds like you want. Now, the parts I used, you probably will not find, but something similar should be available. Here's what one looks like.....
tape cotton balls around the mic, that will help reduce ambient sound