How can I make a nazi costume???

Hi guys
I am interested in making a black nazi SS uniform.
I am not nazi or anything I just want it as a halloween costume.
As i have no idea what to do for making costumes can you guys help me?
Also i would buy one but cause they are so expensive thats why i gotta make one
So please dont post links to buy....

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lemonie7 years ago
You're leaving yourself plenty of time. But be aware that this may be considered to be in poor taste by some people.
Look at pictures, and over the next 6 months look out for clothes that are roughly the same that you could modify (like Kiteman suggests)

To avoid that I would go with a charlie chaplin version.

Don't make a swastika banner but use the cross Charlie Chaplin uses in his movies.

Then when someone takes offense you can go like "but it's satire of the nazi's!"
Orro (author)  MichelMoermans7 years ago
Thanks might avoid some bad confrontaitions
Or go as Mr Hilter, or Mr Bimmler, or Ron Vibbentrop...

Do you think Prince Harry might spare his?
It'd be expensive, even if it was the right size...

Kiteman7 years ago
Black shirt, smart black trousers, check google for insignia to make out of card and cover in foil?