How can I see when my PRO membership expires?

Is there anyway to see the exact date and year your PRO membership will expire?


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This should have all of the information you need:
maybe he sees the same buggy pro membership page as I get.
To view the pro page you must first be pro. See also the first rule of tautology club.
Not to be rude, but I guess it would have been hard to discern my serious reply from my usual snarky ones. My YOU page is afflicted with a bug that you cannot determine when the pro membership will expire because adding the stated membership period to the start date will give me a date that has already past. So yes, I am on borrowed time.
Well I snarkily replied but I guess it was sooooooo snarky that Robot was offended. >rolls eyes violently<

Anyway, you're still seeing that bug?
Someone fixes bugs? I thought it was a feature.