How can a 13 year old make money without aproaching a lawnmower?

I was wondering if there is any way for a 13 year old can make money without the usual things
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(the picture is how much time i have on my hands with no job...)

Picture of How can a 13 year old make money without aproaching a lawnmower?
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awester5 years ago
wtf i am 13 BUT DON'T HAVE MY YEAR
kdunne15 years ago
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jsanchez235 years ago
please please invite mee to moola!!!!
Goodhart jsanchez235 years ago
RedneckEngineer5 years ago
Well now that your 16 you can get a job that dosen't involve lawn care. Now can someone lock this thread, I'm so tired of seeing this one necro'ed.
Looks like he hasn't posted "anything" for over a year.....*sigh*
Maybe he did find a job :)

I guess I just get tired of seeing this necroed up every couple months and really nothing new is said. I'm just a bit more cranky as I age. It happends to us all.
Indeed :-D
Gjdj38 years ago
I'm 14, so about your age. Here is my philosophy regarding making an income, sans lawnmower. A) A lot of unreliable sources can come together to make a reliable income. Basically, pitch together a lot of online scams. My favorites... Google Adsense and Moola.com (Moola.com is invite only. Just give me your email and I'll invite you to join). B) Do something easy that you're good at. Someone will pay you. This means to try and sell something. My suggestion... sell kits for your instructables projects. Make: will sell them if they are good enough, and you can always set up your own website to sell them. C) Finally, use your Instructables-Acquired know-how to sell stuff to your friends. This site has an abundancy of iPod chargers and other similar gadgets. If you buy components in bulk you can make a charger for about $2 and sell it for around $20. Ridiculous income. People who don't know how easy this stuff is to make will pay anything. Just tell them that stuff like it sells in stores for around $40. Anyway, those are my ideas. Tell me if you like 'em.
cocoaloco Gjdj35 years ago
chloepots@gmail.com :D
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