How can i get this working?

This is a picture of a little project i have been working on. I am trying to develop a device that can individually control the volume into each speaker of a headphone (Left and Right). The problem i am having is that only the top potentiometer is actually changing the volume and that is the left headphone speaker. No sound is played from the right speaker at all even when the potentiometer is on "full blast". If you have any ideas to get this working it would be wonderful!.



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willyt1200 (author) 3 years ago

Can anyone else help? Also here are some more updated picture to help,WELC41J,whAKQ3U,w4xeSAG\

The jack on the right only has 2 wires coming from it. Why?

You need to have a ground wire connecting the Source and the headphones. Also double check you have the wires on the correct connections. The Base of the connector is ground, the ring is Right and the tip is Left. Looks like you have your green wire (ground) connected to the tip connection (left channel). The red looks to be on the Right channel (ring) and the yellow appears to be connected to the Ground (base). So what should be the ground wire of each pot is basically connected to the left channel of the headphones. Assuming the left jack is the headphone jack. The your yellow wire is connected to the ground of both.

willyt1200 (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

Ok thanks and when you say the base is ground which part of the headphone jack do you mean as there is a top part and then there are two on the bottom a left and a right one. Also the left is the input right is the output(Headphones) and for the output jack where should the ground come from that goes into that. Thanks!

The image below is of the jack for a set of iPhone ready headphones. So it has an extra ring there but you get the point. The vary tip of the connector is always the left channel. The first ring under that is always the right and the ring/sleeve/base is always the ground.

Both connectors need to have a ground wire connecting them. When you look at your jacks that larger strip that snaps into the tip of the connector is the left channel. The next closest tab to that is the right channel and the bottom tab is ground. So run your green wire from that bottom tab to the pots and then to the other jack's bottom tab. If the red wire is right then make sure you have them soldered to the center tab on the jacks and the yellow soldered to the tab touching the tip of the connectors.

willyt1200 (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

Hello thanks for the reply i tried to fix it but it still would only come through one of the pots which is the bottom one in these pictures i am going to send. Thanks for your help again!

unnamed (1).jpgunnamed (2).jpgunnamed.jpgunnamed (4).jpg