How can i stay logged in for more than a day

I don't have this problem with any other site, how can i stay logged into this site, it is SOO infuriating. I keep an RSS feed and and when ever i click a link to an instructable, and i want to view the other picture in a step it makes me log in, sometimes more than once a day... if i dont get this fixed i will be removing my RSS feeds, as having to log in every single time is becoming a nuisance

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What transpired here is why I generally don't read comments anywhere. Regardless of attitudes and sensibilities, the OP's questtion was never really answered, and I feel obliged to make an attempt at doing so.

It seems that there is no longer a "Keep me logged in" box here, or at least I couldn't find one anywhere. Since I don't really want my browser to remember passwords, and since that seems to be the only way to remain logged in here for more than a day, I'll just have to get used to logging in each time I visit.
If you look at the main log-in page, there is a "keep me logged in" tickbox.
log in screenshot.jpg
Nice. How do I get to that page from the home page? Clicking the "login" link at the upper right simply makes the "username" and "password" fields appear at the top of whatever page I'm on, with no tickbox.
Okay, I figured it out, though it's not exactly what I would consider an intuitive process:

If I leave the "username" and "password" fields empty, and hit the pretty "Login" button, then I get the login page.

(It would seem more useful to me to either have the first click on the "login" link take me directly to the login page, or for the tickbox to appear along with the "username" and "password" fields at the top right of the current page.)

In any case, the tickbox was and is checked, and yet I still have to log in again each time, but apparently only at the home page: when I clicked the link in the notification e-mail about your reply, Kiteman, I was taken right to this page and was already logged in.

When I clicked on the instructables logo to get to the home page, I was logged out when I got there.
Thank you Kiteman and Lithium Rain for your efforts. Now that I know what I needed to do to reach it, I just bookmarked the login page.

This is the only site I visit that gives me this problem, which is really only a minor inconvenience. I simply couldn't leave it uninvestigated. :-)

I think they're trying to be all Web 2.0-y with the inline login. :-\ You can _try_ filing a bug report about having to relogin at the home page only, but don't hold your breath on a bugfix or response. For real.

If you want any more information, you'll need to talk to somebody with the appropriate "skillz", maybe Lithium Rain, or somebody from HQ.
If you're not logged in, go to

Don't bother if you are already logged in, because then it redirects to the "submit" page.

If you can't be bothered remembering the address, just click the login button without putting in your password, and it will redirect to that page.
What OS and Browser?
sXeLeTHaLsXe (author)  StumpChunkman6 years ago
Win 7 64, on chrome or FF 5 and 6
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