How can i turn my gameboy advanced into a controller fo a computer?

I have an old gameboy and thought it would be cool to turn it into a computer controller or computer hacking device?

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SelwynC2 years ago

I sugest buy in a USB SNES controller and messing around and putting it in a GBA case or shell, but the screen would not work

bazalaz6 years ago
you'd have to make your gameboy a usb device. I wouldn't cut the mouse, I'd try splicing the wires to a usb male input, then look for driver software on bittorrent sites.
Try this.
sonicsizer (author)  JamesRPatrick6 years ago
Cool thanks
2hot2hack6 years ago
i dont know any thing about this stuff but have an idea. if you get the gameboy controller and split the cord and do the same with a computer mouse cord twist the the cords and see what happens.