How can you connect an LCD screen to a YSB001 (MD80 rip-off) camera so you can see what you are filming?

When you film with a good video camera, you can usually see what you are filming by looking at the LCD / viewfinder...

but I have bought one of those very cool, tiny cameras that cost about £10, can be bought on eBay and which come from Hong Kong

But in return for being tiny, it does not have any kind of viewfinder.

I bought mine to experiment with fixing it to my hang glider/microlight to film flights. I figure I can, by trial and error, work out what the actual field of view/ frame is

but I'd much prefer to be able to set up my camera with a monitor of some kind (perhaps using my mobile phone camera?)

Better still, I would like to be able to monitor the camera all through the flight (perhaps be able to move the mount remotely?)

Is there a simple method for achieving this or do I need to do electronics?

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lemonie7 years ago
You need electronics. And you're probably best buying one rather than trying to adapt what you've got.

Tinworm (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I hear you regarding not adapting the current camera, so what do I need to do, electronics-wise?
lemonie Tinworm7 years ago
If you want a view-finder, you need to get a camera with one. You could think about getting a view-finder from somewhere, but the expense and hassle of adapting isn't going to be any less.
I would have suggested that you make a wire-frame view-finder through trial & error, but you'd like to move the camera, which would be why you want the viewfinder I guess.
I'm a bit stuck for something that isn't complicated or expensive or large. Let's hope someone else can think of something better, or I get some new idea.

OK - how about mounting it on your head? If you do it right it'll film what you're looking at.

Tinworm (author)  lemonie7 years ago
that is one of the options....and I have been working out the field of view that way (with a tape measure and marks on the wall)...and I guessa  similar method will work with my plane's wing etc....I just hoped that a means of connecting an lcd would made it easier.

I did wonder, for instance, whether it would be possible to use the camera screen on my mobile phone linked via a cable to the camera, perhaps?
lemonie Tinworm7 years ago
Your phone might pick up a web-feed? - if you could make the video camera a web-cam, but you don't have to think too long about that to see what's involved. Phones aren't designed to act as displays for external video feeds, but can you add a large memory-card to the phone and use that instead?

Think about it again - if the camera is on your helmet and it sees what you see, you've got the viewfinder and movement in your own body.

Tinworm (author)  lemonie7 years ago
will look into webfeeds

but from your various projects, it is clear you know your stuff, and if you seem sceptical, maybe there is good reason.

Yes, I am going for a head mount (but still wanted a wing mount and another on the fuselage)

thanks anyway
lemonie Tinworm7 years ago
Post what you do with this, we'd like to see how this problem is solved.
(Yes I do look at things in "different" ways, but I like to try things I think will work. The ideal set-up would require quite a bit of equipment / or expense I think.)

Best wishes for it

Tinworm (author)  lemonie7 years ago
ok, check this first test out. It is a line of sight option, mounting the cam on the side of my flying helmet. At the bottom of this link is a short test film

(I may need to put markings on the mount and even a scribed viewfinder on the visor to show the actual camera angle and its limits

lemonie Tinworm7 years ago
That's very good, please package it into an Instructable, use the image with the camera as #1 and embed the video.

Tinworm (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Thanks for the encouragement, lemonie, I have done it, I have posted an instructable! It is my first one ever!